Saab Crisis: The current development in Sweden

In Stockholm, the negotiations continue with Youngman, yesterday reported friends from a critical period. There are no details, results are not. Victor Muller continues his attacks on Lofalk and wants to release the administrator for replacement. A statement should go to the court in Vänersborg.

Replacing Lofalk as an administrator is one thing, continuing the reconstruction is the other thing. For this you need liquid funds in the account and unfortunately still missing. Salaries, Muller says, have priority. But in sight, the pay and salary payments are not. This leads to an emergency for the Saab employees now in the middle of the Christmas season. Emergency loans are organized through the unions. A sad thing.

In Sweden, there is more and more discussion about how to proceed after a Saab bankruptcy. The opinion is almost clear, just not in detail. The bankruptcy will not be the end, there will be a new beginning for Trollhättan. That there are several parties with interest is clear. Not everyone wants to continue the vehicle construction.

In Sweden, there is a consortium that wants to continue the Saab factory as a supplier operation in the field of automotive technology and as a think tank. A life after bankruptcy, we will see.

That Muller takes the turn, less and less believe in Sweden. My friends in Stockholm are similar, since the beginning of the crisis, optimism has steadily dropped. Now we have reached a low.

The SWAN stock should have responded to Muller's plans. Because after what became public Swedish Automobile remains to 100% owner of Saab and the car maker gets a lot of money from China. The stock does not care, it barely moves. Developments on the stock exchange anticipate the future, as we know.

Time for Muller to produce positive messages. We are waiting.


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  • Now the solution really has to be found - if we could no longer acquire any new SAAB automobiles in the future, we, like countless other SAAB owners, would find it difficult to perceive the product of another group as suitable.

    We would not choose a German make (history, ownership structures or just the driver's image would be extremely obstructive for us here) - American makes “does not work at all”!

    The choice is therefore reduced to very few suitable manufacturers - if Jaguar had a front-wheel drive model in its range, things would be clear ...

    But maybe one or the other idea from VM (what about the Chinese?) Will come to fruition after all - let's see.

    In addition, our 9-5 - as reported yesterday - would play along for a long time if necessary!

    From Hamburg we wish us and all interested parties more information and of course a nice weekend


  • .... I partly share your view. But if a lot has already been pledged and sold, “it” can no longer be bought. It is not for states to buy factories. At least that's how we (in the West) learn the Matktwirtschaft. It is well known that this is different in China. Tom wrote it: We can only wait and see what happens in southern Sweden ...

  • From my point of view it is becoming more and more clear that bankruptcy is inevitable because you will :-( Of course the "other, interested parties" will be careful not to intervene before bankruptcy - after that it is much cheaper.
    And that's exactly what makes me angry personally. Such financial games are played on the back of thousands of employees. That's why I can't be happy when in the end the SAAB is taken over as a bargain by one of the “saving” German competitors.
    For me, it's simply incomprehensible that the Swedish government has not spent a long time making money to keep production going and generate revenue and sales. Buyers would have it like sand on the sea, right?
    It Grüessli from the beautiful Switzerland

    • Yes, at least in Switzerland where Saab is still pretty well positioned. But even in 2011 Saab has sold in Switzerland only slightly 300 cars, it used to be always about the 2000. Unfortunately, things are different in Germany. Well, let's wait and see, but the theater in Sweden is starting to get on my nerves. It still does not seem clear to me why things are not going faster?

  • CEO Victor Muller does not have much time left.

  • A consortium. that would like to compete as a parts supplier would certainly also be an option - but probably not so interesting for the worldwide SAAB enthusiasts and other groups.

    Do the Chinese want to take over the helm or not in the long run? According to today's information, this possibility no longer seems to be in the foreground - with regard to this solution favored yesterday (initially Swedish Automobile would remain the owner), further statements urgently need to follow from Sweden. In addition, we would be very interested here in Schleswig-Holstein to find out which other parties are still interested. A viable solution should now be found as quickly as possible - extending the whole matter even further will only work to a very limited extent.

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