Saab weekend and SWAN Lofalk Muller Youngman

Well, quite honestly, my enthusiasm about the current Saab situation is limited and so I use the weekend for things that I really enjoy. Today is the regional Saab Club Rhein-Main Christmas party in Frankfurt and tomorrow it goes with the first plane from Frankfurt in the direction of Berlin on a Saab mission.

Saab 9-5 sports car, Saab 9000, Saab 9-3, Bloggers Home
Saab 9-5 sports car, Saab 9000, Saab 9-3, Bloggers Home

Time to clear your head, which would certainly be good for some readers here. And Saab pure fun on Sunday with many kilometers in a turbo-charged automobile.

Previously back to Sweden and to the current production that is running there. Because meanwhile the facts are hardening that we are experiencing a consciously performed show. However, the outcome of the story is still in the dark. Saabsunited, some think the real name would be “Victorsunited”, a document was published today, which is said to prove the transfer of € 3.3 million from Saab investor Youngman to Swedish Automobile. I admit that I cannot classify this document. My Swedish language skills are now sufficient to read the daily newspapers and e-mails, but everything that comes from China does not work.

The statement lay, as one writes at Saabsunited, yesterday at 10: 30 clock, making Lofalk look quite old. If that is the case, then the demolition of the reconstruction is not justified.

However, yesterday my voice in Stockholm spoke of a conscious staging and once again I admire the intimate and perfect background information. Hats off and greeting to Stockholm.

Lofalk should be ready for disposal, which is the purpose of this maneuver. Maybe now the wages are within reach. It may be speculated further.

From the current negotiations between Youngman, Saab and SWAN nothing comes out. Information says that news can be expected at the beginning of the week.

If so-called “breaking news” come, they are updated on the go. A nice and peaceful pre-Christmas weekend to all Saab fans.


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    With the plane in the morning to Berlin on a Saab mission?
    How do you get back on the road with a 900…?

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    I am very surprised that both the Swedish state (administration) and very financially strong Swedish companies / families (eg the Wallenbergs) are so restrained in solving the SAAB problem.

    This is not just about securing thousands of jobs, but also, as is well known, about saving a Swedish industrial icon that has gained global recognition over decades - the worldwide level of awareness is probably greater than that of Electrolux or Ikea.

    SAAB is a comparatively small car company (e.g. compared to Volvo) and I could very well imagine that, in addition to Chinese, a Swedish consortium could control the fate of this comparatively manageable company - why in a remote location wander ......

    PS: VM and the existing suppliers could certainly be integrated in the best possible way - the suppliers in particular would probably even prefer a domestic solution.


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    Dear Tom

    Once again many thanks for your great commitment to the SAAB plants in Sweden. So I sat down in my SAAB 9-5 II Linear, which gives me great pleasure, and drive a few kilometers. He always makes a great figure on the Swiss roads. And certainly not not only there ,,,,,,

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    Have fun with your christmas party!



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