Saab crisis: the situation eases somewhat ...

Update: 16: 05 / 18: 11 / 20: 01

Today, there will probably be no bankruptcy filing, says our friend from Stockholm. Nevertheless, the situation remains difficult, and Saab page is still no statement on the current situation. The fact that negotiations are still underway is at least cautiously optimistic. Nevertheless, the situation can turn every minute.

So Victor Muller's plan has not yet been filed, but time is pressing and never before has the window been narrower than it currently is. Probably less than 24 hours remain to solve the problems. Because in readiness for a bankruptcy application, the unions are on the one hand and it threatens the demolition of reconstruction on the other side.

The local newspaper in Trollhättan reports that Martin Larsson, previously the new Saab CEO and hopeful, is leaving the board of directors of Saab Automobile. Apparently, as a family man, Larsson's personal risk has become too high. Understandably, there are tax payments due, for which the executive committee can be made personally liable.

Money from China for the worst problems is said to have gone to Saab today. Depending on the source, however, one speaks about sums that will not be enough to pay salaries and wages. Used would currently be around the 10 million €, then it might be possible to continue the reconstruction.

The will of all involved parties, however, goes in a different direction. The problems are to be finally resolved and finally the company be steered into orderly paths. A solution that would be almost too good for this world and that we would all welcome.

Therefore, Muller sits for hours in Stockholm at the Reich debt administration. Presumably (speculation) is concerned with the repayment of the EIB loan by Youngman and the collateral released. Because their value exceeds the current loan in the amount of 217 million € a lot. That would be mine, in this case positive interpretation of the topic. The second option would be to prepare the National Debt Administration for tomorrow's bankruptcy filing by Saab Automobile.

Victor Muller plays his game with extremely high personal commitment. Presumably the man has nerves like steel cables. As always with Muller everything is at stake and right now we are experiencing a furious finale. Personally, I wish him, even for the Saab employees and dealers, that it works.

Updates follow. As always, we try to stay calm.


8 thoughts on "Saab crisis: the situation eases somewhat ..."

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    Hello Frank,

    I don't think that there will be censorship here - otherwise I would not be there for a long time, since I am one of the “fans” of a VM.
    I have always confessed to this and just this muller-bashing I found at times in other internet platforms unbearable.
    Tom apparently has a different opinion, this is his right, but he also holds other opinions. I think that's ok.
    the love for saab doesn't necessarily have to be differentiated into “old” and “new”. i have a 20 year old 900 turbo 16s and a new 9-5 aero.
    both are just great cars - each in its own way.
    But: even at saab, time has not stood still and apart from the few really die-hard ones, nobody would buy a new 900er today - at prices of probably around € 60.000. the car is a dream, but on long journeys i clearly prefer the new one, if only because of the noise level.
    I can only wish the best for vm - and with it all of us.

  • The whole situation is grotesque. The (GM -) Saabs are suddenly being celebrated, now Victor Muller is on everyone's lips again and success is being wished for him personally.
    Perhaps this is being censored here - but now I find this really grotesque. Where is your own opinion and idea of ​​which one (s) also stand.
    If you had followed a strategy from the outset in the Saab scene and consistently supported it with a person - you know how far Saab would be today. But so you were part of the unfortunate story - every day a new star, every day a new direction of the flag in the wind.

    Too bad - I always believed Saab lovers have their own convictions. I still stand by Victor Muller, he was the savior, he was the fighter - for me never anyone else!
    And that's why I sincerely wish him toi, toi, toi!

    • blank

      How to strategically align something in the scene. Victorsunited is sponsored by Saab and writes accordingly. Here, from the Saabsunited page:

      "SaabsUnited is a registered trademark protected under Saab Automobile AB in Sweden"

      But Tom's blog probably not. Apparently it is normal in the auto industry to pay or support blogs. That one has recognized Tom's talent and he will probably leave sooner or later, you could clearly read on Saturday


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    These power games are tiring and do not make our brand SAAB any better. Of these, no new car will be built and you have been paying millions for months. After all, you can not live permanently on the heroic clientele / dealers. new customers are not won in this game either. If not acted immediately, the brand has done by itself. persistent slogans bring nothing more. The light in the tunnel is actually already out. Unfortunately, unfortunately.

    • blank

      Is this really still about power games? We see this completely differently - it's actually about how SAAB can be steered past the cliffs (GM etc.) and how the Chinese side can maintain their advantages in the long term ...

      Here should be something to get over.


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    The “chemistry” between Rachel and Victor still seems to be right somehow - cautious optimism should also be maintained due to the further payment that is on the way to Sweden.

    SAAB Trollhättan is a household name in the automotive world - it would be terrible if there were only components or the like as the main business in the near future (with a fraction of the employees, possibly).

    Incidentally, in comparison with Martin Larsson's nerves, we've been seeing the nerves of Victor Muller for some time as the stronger ones.


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    Now we can only hope that the statements of Rachel Pang, that the deal would be very close, true.
    the whole thing is nervous ...

  • blank

    Somehow I can't believe that the deadline can be pushed to the extreme and then the negotiations can now break. Who knows, maybe the bankruptcy petition was targeted to build up a little more pressure to finally come to an agreement ...

    I keep my fingers crossed! SAAB up!

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