Saab Crisis: Victor Muller gives up?

Update: 13: 10 / 13: 58 / 14: 19

Slow blogging didn't work out. Several independent sources in Sweden report that Victor Muller is filing bankruptcy filing for Saab Automobile AB in Vänersborg today. No newspaper duck as feared. 🙁 Other sources claim that this has not yet been decided.

The situation is confusing, even in my mailbox are very contradictory messages. In any case, the situation is highly dramatic and the likelihood of bankruptcy is higher than not. Behind the scenes, things seem to be doing that make both bankruptcy and other things seem possible. Contact to Youngman is still available but details are unknown.

Youngman is still ready to transfer funds, Rachel Pang told TT news agency. And “..we are close to a comprehensive solution”. Pure drama.

That something would happen this week is clear. Because liquidity is missing and the employees are still waiting for the salaries. If no liquidity comes from China, then the bankruptcy petition is inevitable.

Contacts are directly with Sweden and Saab, current updates follow.

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