Good News: Youngman funds arrived!

Youngman is increasingly proving to be a good and trusted partner for Saab Automobile. The company confirmed the receipt of the required funds. The first promised installment has arrived and if the promised remainder comes as well, then salaries and wages of Saab employees can finally be paid.

As Eric Geers, Saab press chief, told the news agency TT, the taxes due are paid as reported.


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  • If nothing officially changes in the basic ownership structure, GM has to report “0” - after all, there are contracts that, as far as I know, GM must also adhere to.

    The wish that in GM eyes SAAB goes down the drain may be there. We also wish a lot for GM - but one shouldn't have too much respect for this club either!


  • Saab is still a little ship in a hurricane, because as long as the Chinese 'superdepartment' NDCR has not given its OK, nothing is safe at all. In addition, the evil witch mother GM is still in the background and lurks for Saab's last breaths ...!
    So let's hope the payments from China aren't in vain - good luck, Saab.

  • If that is a good idea ? Peter, we are now waiting for the happy ending 🙂 Then let's see ...

  • Yes Tom writes the Saab thriller is a foregone conclusion, I'm full of it. Tom, you can not get out of the number anymore

  • Without the Chinese and their money, Saab would probably no longer exist, but now it is time that GM, VM etc. finally put their ego on the back burner and strive for a quick deal so that Saab cars roll off the assembly line again (and Tom has a good graduation for his bestseller ……… ..)

  • That's what I call a very good attitude

  • Rachel Pang and family cannot be weighed in gold - they recognized months ago that SAAB is about high-quality vehicle construction.

    Nobody wants to break this future-oriented business with anything or anyone. Nice people!


  • ... yes, I know it too.
    Unfortunately, my thoughts have too little time
    always to write.
    Is nervous but almost unbearable.
    Allen nevertheless contemplative Christmas and
    again to Tom a big THANK YOU!

  • Finally a somewhat relieving message. Of course, I'm not entirely convinced - has Youngman transferred money before, right? And the “monkey theater” went on anyway :-).

    Incidentally, I find that this book is neither a crime nor a monkey theater, but a really mature political thriller. But I definitely agree that Tom brings the best conditions for a successful author. If the book then becomes a huge success, part of the money can be used to support SAAB, right?

    My patience regarding my order for a 9-5 Vector ran out last weekend. I decided to buy a ... no, not a German car ... but a used SAAB 9-5 Vector 1.9 TID at my garage. Since the car still has few kilometers, I can spend the next few years in a comfortable SAAB :-)

    Of course I will continue to follow the thriller story and thank Tom once again for the great reporting - thanks a lot.

    It Grüessli from the beautiful Switzerland

  • according to ttela, the tax was even paid regardless of the currently received money.

  • First of all, I went to blog every morning from home,
    then in the morning and in the evening, then at noon, now also in the
    Car traveling 5-6 times?!? we are looking for success and happy
    we have also been in the past since
    Months again, the salaries, etc. Is actually known what is going on from the Detroit / China / Sweden corner currently. Are the Americans still on the jack or have the positions approached, Tom is you aware of anything? Dawn and greetings from Frankfurt, Marjan

    PS. after my CS had seen white indicators on the front and side, 205-er on Superaero, and a polish, a business friend said this morning, wow Saab! really nice car! and still BJ 1992. I'm sure I would have a box from Benz or BMW… .from the same BJ, if there were only pitying looks, poor person, can't afford anything better ……… That's why the cult and global brand Saab should live, but right

  • Thriller? I would rather call it the "monkey theater" ...............

    Then when a book comes, Tom will definitely write

  • Is it already known who writes the book on this thriller?

    In the past years (!) We have often been aiming for a secure future for SAAB, should we really be on the final stretch this time?

  • I know this experience too! The 93 from 2001 is simply a simple, beautiful car and does not have to hide from the new car. Well, there are many who believe that BMW / Mercedes / Audi / etc. the only real thing is and see SAABs as the pure freak of nature, created by the “mentally ill”. The otherwise “hidden” envy becomes particularly evident on the motorway when you overtake the competition 😀

    The news of the funds that have arrived finally makes the SAAB heart beat again and I can hardly wait until the deal is “dry”!
    Once this condition is met, the road to the next SAAB dealer is paved and you can calmly restore the 2001er and slowly drive the Youngtimer license plate 🙂

    MfG, Creativ

  • This is also the only straw I am currently clinging to: there is one who transfers money to Saab in this situation. Nobody would do that if he did not believe in the shop.
    In the meantime, I also make my wife kirre: in every free minute I look at Saab blogs to learn new things. And that for months!

  • I also find it very amazing that in this situation there is still someone who transfers millions and “invests” money in Saab!
    Youngman seems to be really convinced of Saab and to have “real” interest.

    So let's hope ...

  • Youngman Lotus must be absolutely convinced that they will get the deal on a dry sheet !! - Why else should they burn more money? To imagine that, my imagination is not enough.

  • A good step in the right direction =)

    Didn't expect that 1ct would ever arrive ...

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