Saab crisis: money on the way?

Update: 09: 42

The information on the Saab crisis is still very contradictory. What we know for sure is that money from China is on the way. As it emerged yesterday, smaller sums are expected today. Over the next 14 days, more money will flow from Saab Investor Youngman to Saab.

Depending on the source, around € 3,5 million is currently expected, an amount of around € 35 million is expected to flow in the next 2-3 weeks. The numbers have not been confirmed and are still speculative. At 9:00 a.m. no receipt of money was found. Hopefully the partners from China will keep their promise to pay because the time window is extremely tight.

Saab Automobile AB will submit a concrete payment plan for future cash flows on Thursday in Vänersborg. All payments, according to information from Stockholm, should not go directly to Saab accounts but to escrow accounts of a large law firm in Stockholm. That's right, then Youngman Victor Muller takes in the future on the very short leash.

If the money really comes, meanwhile my faith is so shaken that I only believe anything when the money is really there, then the acute risk of bankruptcy is averted. At least for the next few hours. Because it is not enough for the salaries, they should be paid Wednesday or Thursday with the next tranche. Various reports are also circulating about tax payments. The only thing that is clear is that the Swedish state should get its money. Maybe even directly from Youngman. The Chinese have at least as good nerves as Victor Muller, it seems. In any case, the course is now a little clearer than on Monday.

We are heading for a continuation of the reconstruction, but the court in Vänersborg still has to agree. The contracts do not seem to be ready for the last signature. A final solution would have been the better scenario.

The drama continues. Unfortunately, because it is decidedly too much drama. Drama is counterproductive, for weeks Saab has been going in the wrong direction again. The brand erodes.

More news will follow. We try to stay calm and relaxed and objective. You're welcome.


4 thoughts on "Saab crisis: money on the way?"

  • so I transferred money yesterday too! I had my 2,3 Biopower deer 🙂 I can only recommend it. And I bought an original SAAB trunk mat. It's getting dirty outside now ...
    Everything will be fine

  • blank

    It's unbelievable what you do to the Saab brand here! But especially the employees! Instead of tearing on the belt to finally build good cars again, you waste day after day for power games. The gentlemen at the negotiating table should actually be better informed of the social responsibility of employees and their families! Because it was exactly these people who brought the bosses of Saab their standard of living. So it's high time to show responsibility! Respect but Youngman! Although nothing is certain yet, he seems to be the only one who shows responsibility here! Nevertheless I hope for a good ending, the brand Saab with its great cars deserves it!

  • blank

    We have no choice but to wait. It is very bad for the workforce in Sweden. I hope that the money will be used immediately for wage payments and not flow into a secret “war chest” ...

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