Saab crisis: Lofalk goes - Andersson comes

Guy Lofalk is history. As a hapless administrator for Saab, he asked for his release today. Lofalk has certainly had the best of intentions, unfortunately the months of his administration have not brought Saab forward. On the contrary, the goals of the reconstruction were completely missed. The new administrator could be Lars-Henrik Andersson at the suggestion of Lofalk, the lawyer has already signaled his approval.

In a letter to the Vänersborg district court, Lofalk wrote that his assessment of abandoning the reconstruction was based on the past. New financing solutions at Saab would open new horizons and earn a new administrator. For a new administrator also has a fresh look at the new ownership structures at Saab. With this letter Lofalk Saab could have done one last favor.

The future adminstrator Lars Henrik Andersson works in Stockholm at the law office Lindahl and is a specialist solicitor for bankruptcy, financing and reconstruction.

The voluntary resignation of Lofalk and its formulations to the court in Vänersborg are a good step in the right direction. Lofalk could have caused a lot of trouble on Monday and could have endangered Saab and the progress of the reconstruction. Its departure clears problems out of the way and probably opens the door to a better phase of rebuilding.

So it goes on. OK then. A new administrator, which the court will probably have to approve, but with ever-improving signs for Saab.

Everything will be fine ? Since the bankruptcy threats on Monday, a lot has happened. Did the actors finally ignite the turbo? We will see.


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  • andersson is said to have canceled again ...

  • yep - let's do it finally - SAAB would have deserved to continue building their wonderful cars long ago :-)

  • Now let's support someone who has always fought for Saab - other old Saab confidants have left the boat, administrators have come and gone - who has stayed and has always fought?

    Victor Muller - he is the real icon that Saab saved from GM. If we as a community stand behind him, we help Saab more than somehow run after a supposed savior by name. Whether the Chinese come, Volkswagen or anyone - there is only one VM that the party will be interested in Saab. I think he deserves all of our respect and support and we the Saab community certainly did not always support him appropriately. So VM I wish you that you still find the power to do it!

    • 100% approval!

    • great contribution, thanks frank!
      as I see it.

      mr. lofalk has shown in farewell style, more than I would have expected.

    • I think exactly like that. Even the “first deal” was a brave step, today it is only episodes in the open war that has been raging since April. I like my 3 Saabis that are in front of the door, should the tapes start up soon, then a black 9-5 II is definitely there too, that would be my contribution. I hope the future will be like this, and Tom becomes press secretary and a trill appears….

  • ... I don't see that at all! Lofalk tried a deal with Geely behind the back of Saab's management, when that didn't work out, he arranged a 100% deal with the Chinese, which GM should not accept (again against the better knowledge of Saab's management) and was not feasible because of the contracts. These are 2 capital errors that he tried to push through against the management of Saab (or better knowledge on VM) and we know the end result of the failed attempts, apart from the fact that this work cost time, money and image.

    • ... if that referred to my statement: I did not mean the work of Mr. Lofalk (there is the version that Swan used for the media, which is somehow too simple for my taste to represent the whole truth) but rather his appearance in the media, that seems factual and binding to me.

  • You can argue about the results of Mr. Lofalk's work, but I have found his demeanor to be professional. Hopefully the chemistry between VM is right with Mr. Andersson; if VM wants to change staff again, it will be difficult ...

  • Uuuups! Somehow a bad feeling creeps me automatically when Lofalk suggests an administrator. My trust in the person Lofalk is on zero! Contrary to better knowledge, he has done almost incredible things that have done more harm than good to Saab and threw the recovery process back weeks or months. If one does not completely exclude the suspicion of political influence, Lofalk's proposal is to be treated with extreme caution. Only my opinion. Of course, I very much hope that all I can do is grow the grass, and in truth, Mr. Andersson is the right man for Saab, who is finally concentrating on his job as an admin and interfering as little as possible.

  • After all the ugly things that we had to watch stunned in recent weeks, this voluntary withdrawal is already a surprise. Also, the way to celebrate their own departure with a new escalation level in the Rose War with VM, has earned our respect.

    The tender plant of hope grows slowly but steadily ...

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