Saab Crisis: Slight Hope from Stockholm

Yesterday in Sweden that was Lucia celebrationwhich is very important to the Swedes. The Swedish community of Frankfurt had a reception in the Roman and representatives of Saab Dautschland were of course there. Perhaps the old faith brought the lights of enlightenment to one or the other negotiating partner in Stockholm yesterday. In the meantime the press in Sweden reports that the parties have converged and that the agreement is imminent.

It would be possible, writes Dagens Industri, a result on Thursday or Friday. Also on the fact that well over a billion euros in the next few years to Trollhättan flow is reported. In principle, what is reported largely coincides with our level of knowledge. Youngman will be involved in non-voting preference shares, I could imagine other forms.

If Youngman is without voting rights, then GM can (normally) raise no objections. However, there are other ways of hedging that could make the deal with Detroit even safer. Saab and the joint development company are financed through a bank from China, and Youngman provides collateral for the loans.

Whether it was Saint Lucia, the apparent insight has brought, or if it is the realization that the fish is still off the hook, no matter. Importantly, things are moving in Stockholm.

A ray of hope, not more. Only when the contracts are signed and money is in the Swedish accounts, only then there is cheers.

Until then, sit back, stay calm or pursue the best hobby in the world. Like me. I am now starting the second part of "Mission 9000" 🙂. Details following.


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    I am sure that nobody here knows the wording of the agreements with GM and therefore it is only unnecessary speculation.
    vm knows the agreements and will act accordingly - knowing full well that nothing else will work.

  • Perhaps it is slowly dawning on the “bosses” in Detroit that it is unfavorable to mess with the “comrades” in China. because money does not fall from the sky in china either, it has to be earned. and since the state, administration and economy - at least viewed from the outside and on the basis of the information available here - are a "stick", the return coach will certainly come and will be the more violent the longer gm opposes any solution. And whether it really makes so much sense against the background of one's own economic interests - accepting the loss of a few hundred million euros of Chinese origin approvingly - to finally let Saab jump over the blade one more time, that at least seems to me to be questionable.
    because even in the land of smiles, unpaid bills are demanded at some point and - more or less voluntarily and in one way or another - paid. because for the old testament "eye for eye" there is certainly a corresponding regulation in asian culture. let's wait …

    enjoy your work


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    Let's just wait. Tom provides us with all the news on the subject. The rest are just speculations anyway. I do not dare to predict how GM will position itself. Still, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon, which I like to see.

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    Hi all,

    Quote from Tom: "If Youngman is without the right to vote, then GM (usually) cannot raise any objections."

    That means that GM still would have to agree. If GL is allowed to believe, then GM was never interested in negotiations (see Why should GM change anything about this attitude?

    In addition, Tom writes “normally”: But the normal case is called the normal case because it does not normally occur. 🙂

    Now do not beat me because of my pessimism, but I believe in a solution only when all contracts are signed.


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      Let's see how GM adjusts to the just published message. China plans to introduce import tariffs on US vehicles from Thursday. For GM cars should therefore be charged duties of 8,9%. It is not just the carmakers in the US who are losing good trade relations with the Chinese.

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    how many lives does a cat have ...?
    one thing is for sure: saab has more and this claim has to be rewritten.
    vm sure someday write a book, I'm sure and this is sure to be a blockbuster. In any case, he is certainly the most stubborn handler and must have extremely seated meat.

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      You seem to notice that he was (still is?) A partner in a ship salvage company ... he probably had one of the steel cables used as a negotiator ...

      Let's see what happens next.

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