Saab crisis: Andersson doesn't come - but Söderqvist

Lars Söderqvist is to become the new Saab administrator after Andersson had surprisingly canceled today. The reason for the withdrawal of Andersson itself is not in the Saab reconstruction area, other reasons are said to have led to this decision. Anyway, now the Stockholm lawyer Söderqvist is the man who will lead the reconstruction from Monday.

So that we can remember again. The reconstruction process has one big goal. To put Saab on an economically solid foundation and to guarantee the start of production. We are light years away from anything, it seems, which shows that the goal has so far been totally missed. Lost months for the brand, suppliers and employees. Not to mention the Saab customers and Saab dealers.

The hearing before the district court will not be easy. I hope you do your homework conscientiously beforehand. By Monday, enough liquid funds must be available to guarantee the continuation of the reconstruction, thus ensuring the approval of the court. On Monday, it is heard from informed sources, then the still unpaid November salaries are to be paid. Maybe you should transfer wages and salaries for December at the same time, which saves costs and makes employees happy.

As always with Saab the schedule is more than tight and I have some worry lines on my forehead. If the funds are not paid on time, then Muller can save time from court. Everything is still open for Victor Muller and Rachel Pang. Still one has it in the hand to fill the accounts and to sign contracts.

From the warehouse of the suppliers was today for the, who wanted to hear it, easy grumble to hear. After several months of reconstruction, no payment plan was on the table, no money flowed. The dissatisfaction grows. Also, because apparently during the reconstruction you have not paid all new liabilities, which violates the rules. For many companies, the downturn is about survival. The Saab funds that have been waiting for months are needed urgently. What if on Monday creditors demand demolition of reconstruction?

Big promises and declarations of intent alone will not be enough this time. If Muller is to rely on his speaking skills, he is ill-advised. Muller and Youngman have to create facts.

Nothing would be as convincing as a bulging bank account. The time of talking and visions is finally over.


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  • I feel the same way. Lost months, so it will probably unnecessarily exciting once a month.

  • blank

    Worry lines, Tom? Do not worry Be Happy! We both know: Everything is peanuts, there is something more important….

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    "The time of talking and visions is finally over." -> Tom hit 100% in the black.

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