Saab News China: Saab Motor beats VW Motor….

It was supposed to be a blog for cars, which has somehow been forgotten. Before the next economic news from Stockholm comes on the table, something about cars and engines. The headline is not quite right. Because correctly it should be “old Saab engine beats VW Audi TSI engine….” or something like that. The old Saab 9-5 is now starting its new life in China. The exile Swede, now baptized BAIC C70, is equipped with a Saab B205 engine. Slightly modified by BAIC, the production version produces 206 PS and 300 NM. Not bad.


The press in China has also noticed and noted that the 2.0 TSI from VW offers only 200 PS and 280 NM. BAIC / Saab beat Wolfsburg.

However, the ex-Saab starts with a minor blemish. Classified as a “luxury saloon”, it only comes with a manual gearbox and only later in 2012 with an automatic transmission. A shortcoming in this segment.

Yes, the old Saab engines had something and are still sustainable. Saab's own Trionic was unique and they gave away this technology for little money. I liked this technique, which was unique and still had a lot of potential. I like the character of the Saab engines, the sound and thrust of my 2.3 t in the 9-5 BioPower and the sophistication of the 2.0 t in the Saab 9000. But over. The engines are now made in China and never come back.

Advantage for the Chinese. At least for the future buyers of the exile Saabs applies: turbo boost full.


4 thoughts on "Saab News China: Saab Motor beats VW Motor…."

  • If so, then VW has reached the level of Saab of 11 years ago.
    B205R: 280Nm; 205PS

    I think the Chinese did not use black magic to bring the engine to 300 Nm.

  • The old Saab engines are now made in China and will not come back. If all goes well, the new Saabs will probably come with BMW Power, but that does not mean that there will never be a Saab engine of their own again. If Saab will be back on track again anything is possible. Also at BMW gabs a time in which one no longer believed that in the year 2011 would still give BMW

  • Fortunately there are people who only care about the sound, at least from the inside my 9-3 II sounds like a 'real' SAAB engine =)

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