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Today I am in the Saab in terms of Saab. First in the Saab center Frankfurt, where a long awaited spare part for my Saab 9-5 arrived from Sweden, then in other Saab things. The spare parts supply at Saab is still working, sometimes a bit slower. The blog therefore has a few hours break. Quick another look to Trollhättan and Stockholm.

The lack of wages has become an issue and Victor Muller promises to make payments "as soon as possible." Frankly speaking, everyone involved is not exactly sensitive to the employees in this topic. It is Christmas soon, the children and friends want to see gifts under the Christmas tree. Several Saab employees, the number is in three digits, have taken emergency loans from the unions. A really responsible handling of the topic would have created a lot of sympathy for Youngman and Muller in Trollhättan and elsewhere in the Saab world. In any case, the money should be in the accounts before the trial on Monday.

There is also something to be said about Lofalk, presumably the court will refuse to resign, but that is not yet confirmed.

In Stockholm, the next round of negotiations begins with Rachel Pang and Muller. It's going to be a long weekend, that's clear. By Monday, the situation will clear up and we'll see.

More when I'm back at the desk.

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  • GM rejected VM's new plan as unacceptable today. Let's see how it goes on Monday. But I'm afraid that SAAB may look bad against the armada of GM lawyers.

  • First of all: Have a good trip. If you're already in FRA, come over for a coffee. I would be glad.

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      I agree with that, give coordinates

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        🙂 Next time with pleasure ... We can organize a Saab coffee drink in Frankfurt, that would have something. 😉

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    Presumably, by sticking to GL, the high court wants to prevent a new man from having to familiarize himself with the matter for weeks - a new administrator would certainly not work like a “turbo” after this long period of standstill! VM would finally have to take note of this and, due to the time running out, also come to terms with GL if necessary.

    It cannot be to keep chatting without productivity - the good solution really has to be on the table.


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      for heaven's sake, what did the one use? every new one is better than just continuing it. who says that the problems with gl went from vm and not vice versa?

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    Hi Tom,

    Have fun and have a nice weekend. We are looking forward to the Monday. Let's hope in the upcoming negotiations on a lucky knack of all involved !!!!!

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    Hi Tom,

    How is the poker situation, who is negotiating with whom, past?
    who does not negotiate? or not anymore?

    To draw a scheme and present, about possible ways and solutions would be a good mutual help.

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    Hello Tom

    Yes, we all hope so. Wish nice weekend.

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