Saab Crisis: Mission Impossible Swedish Edition

Tomorrow is the day, the countdown is on and again Saab has a decisive fate day. The wind blows the actors huge in the face and some problems with Saab are homemade, others come as always from Detroit. But watch out, it's a long article.

Legends never die, found on the internet ...
Legends never die, found on the internet ...

General Motors, owner of many fascinating car brands, is working to finally blow life off Saab. Although the final plan is not yet known to the Americans in detail, a categorical “no” is already coming from the United States. The Detroit reasoning is becoming increasingly ridiculous. The ownership structure of Saab and Swedish Automobile will not change, only the type of financing.

More we can not remember GM anymore ...
More we can not remember GM anymore ...

For GM and spokesman James R. Cain, it is a "covert change in ownership structure" because Saab is in a weak position and the investor in a strong one. According to GM, any bank financing of any company would be a change in the ownership structure, according to GM logic. Covered, of course. We understand Mr. James R. Cain.

GM is showing the old, ugly face of the industrial octopus from Detroit that we know from the past. The brand from Rüsselsheim also has a difficult time with the owners from the USA. Instead of investing and boosting sales with new models, you have to save now because sales are stalling. There is talk of 1 billion US dollars for 2012, well-known rituals for the Opel people and my condolences to Rüsselsheim. The image bearer of the gentlemen from the Potomac has meanwhile burned down. Chevrolet Volt and Opel Ampera are on hold after three weeks after an accident, the Volt's battery started to burn as a result of consequential damage. The Volt's development team, brought from Germany to America during the GM crisis to secure the rights, had moved from Detroit to Bavaria even before the market launch.

With this Saab argumentation, the Americans kill all hope because they are in a position of strength. If it is really the final opinion from Detroit and not just a staging to influence the court in Vänersborg, then it is the end of many Saab dreams. Whether GM is right or not ... You can have a lawsuit with the Americans for years might win the case, but you don't get a solution that makes sense. GM could easily starve our automaker in a flood of processes.

Victor Muller also sees the argument as a GM show to somehow negatively influence the court in Sweden. GM, he says, has nothing to say because the ownership structure does not change. Maybe he's right.

But being right is one thing. Get another right. Because different positions without agreement mean for the plant in Trollhättan: no GM licenses, no deliveries, no production.

There is also headwind from another corner. The problems that could stop Saab in court are homemade by Muller and Youngman. Wages are still not paid until today, the new wages and salaries soon due. The pain threshold of employees and unions is reached with the constant delays of wage payments, the arc almost overstretched. Although the November wages should be paid on time for the negotiation, but that does not make a good impression.

On the contrary. The court is given all the arguments against a continuation of the reconstruction. The current rental costs for the former transmission plant in Gothenburg have not been paid in recent months, they say in Sweden. This is a violation of the rules of reconstruction. This provides the Saab critics with a template.

If Victor Muller and Rachel Pang then come with thin arguments and as poorly prepared as those responsible for Saab with the first, failed reconstruction request, then the two experience a Waterloo on Swedish soil. Facts would help. Not just financing intentions, no emails, no faxes. But reliable, valuable facts. Bank guarantees, for example, or just the promised € 30 million in Saab accounts, that would be good.

However, I fear that it will not be so. You will screw it up tremendously on Monday ... tell me my feeling, fed by amateur theater in recent months. Because you let a few weeks pass with the skirmishes. People have failed to create facts or transfer funds that could have secured the future of Saab and its reconstruction. Lost weeks for Saab.

Who's to blame ? Sure, you have to ask this question. At the latest after the failure of the reconstruction, she will put all of Sweden. Lofalk perhaps, who had his own plan in mind and failed so terrific? Even for him, the thing has not gone. He has a duty of attendance in Vänersborg on Monday and his dismissal requires the consent of the creditors. If the creditors see breaches of duty by the lawyer, then Lofalk can come into liability.

Or is it Saab CEO Victor Muller, who, instead of forming a team with Lofalk, had his own plan in mind? Perhaps it would have been possible for them to work together in favor of Saab, but the will was lacking. He is involved in the disaster that we are currently experiencing. The private war with Lofalk has cost time, money and credibility. The Saab employees, who are now dependent on emergency loans, are suffering.

Maybe Youngman is also partly to blame. Because you have underestimated the precarious situation for a long time and thus lost a lot of precious time. Contract poker instead of action. Not good.

No, the negative result of the next few days may not be the end, so we should stay calm. It would definitely be the end of the amateur actors from China and Holland, who screwed it up. For months, I write, which can also be in the possible bankruptcy, the chance of a fresh start. Interested parties who would buy Saab out of bankruptcy, there are. As I said, interested parties. Plural.

Muller and Rachel Pang would then have lost their toys, which would be particularly tragic in the case of Youngman after high investments. They had a chance of agreement for months, and they still have it. Only on Monday at 13 p.m. is the chance for a viable solution wasted. Let's hope that they did their homework and that Vänersborg won't come to Waterloo.


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  • Even though I've been following the events of Saab since the last itfe, I could understand if the Chinese are not paying any more. Why should they pay for a company whose cars you are not allowed to build. As long as GM does not give out the trump card with the patents, it's an investment in an empty factory with z. Not much usable own now how. Because I can understand the Chinese that they do not spend money.

    You can see it at Opel, which may not offer anything outside of Europe, where Opels are sold under a different label. How should a company make a profit, whom it is so curtailed. I do not want to know their internal transfer prices. So the Americans, especially the companies stop, the well-being of others passes them by the popo. Everyone is next to themselves, everyone is his luck blacksmith. they like to help if the price is right.

  • The GM Facebook site is now a SAAB site ;-))))

  • Who can tell what could happen to a GM blockade (if they are stupid) in Trollhättan?

    The 9-3 + 9-5 vehicle series could also be manufactured without GM's active participation - or do special components for production come from America?

    GM also has to adhere to contracts - sending someone to prevent the production of automobiles will probably not be possible (provided, of course, that SAAB moves within the framework of current contracts).

    A defiant blockade by GM would probably only prevent the delivery of the 9-4 X from Mexico - but even here Sweden could probably take legal action within the framework of the contracts!

    Do not be intimidated by the Americans !!!

    • Julie, only the 9-3 could (presumably) be made without a GM license. All Saab 9-5 are dependent on the GM contracts.

      • But if nothing officially changes in the ownership structure, GM cannot violate the contracts and hinder production - contracts have been concluded for this (also in the sense of SAAB).

        Again: Don't be intimidated by the Americans and their “right-wingers” !!!

      • But even with the 9-3, GM is (unfortunately) an important supplier ...

  • Many true words. Unfortunately, Monday will be exciting again. Let's hope the best!

  • Interestingly enough, Lars Söderqvist told DI that the new proposal does not need to be validated by GM, so GM does not know all the details of the deal! So that will be really exciting.

    Did GM really just want to unsettle the court? Looks almost like this.

    • Unfortunately, GM doesn't have to be in the right to let SAAB starve to death on an outstretched arm ...

      • That's exactly what could become our problem. GM could retreat to blockade, whether in the law or not, and thus prevent the transaction from closing successfully.

        • But the Söderqvist that says so clearly before the court date, I think already considerable.

          (Maybe against this background, the Swedish government would be prepared not only to send ambassadors to GM, but also to step in at a slightly higher level and take a clear position.)

          But let's wait.

  • The article describes my opinion (unfortunately) quite aptly the current situation, even if we may not want to admit it. That does not mean that we do not keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow, because there is still a chance for an agreement.

    I do not like to rate the chance for a new start after a bankruptcy, because on the one hand there are the naming rights, on the other hand there is the question what substance is left over, ie not already pledged in the past months.

  • Hi Tom,

    thanks for the article and the thinking, keep it up.
    I keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow.

  • The flyer “They want to kill Saab… ..” is much more than successful.
    It should be copied and massively distributed. The “affected recipients” would certainly be very angry, but what knowledge do the former rigid axle drivers have of the superlative know-how.

    Or I print thousands of small enlighteners and press them on the Adams, GEorgs and so on products. Giant fun

    Whose copyright do I have to respect or request?

    • NaNa
      Rigid axle is not fundamentally bad.
      Think, for example, of the legendary ”de Dion” axis
      In addition, my SAAB 900 Gli also has one!

      Greetings Gallix

      • Gallix is ​​right here, years ago I also had De Dion axles in the Alfa (Alfetta, Guilietta, GTV), that was progress put, the only question is who was the last to build star axles (Ford, Opel, who else ?? ) Even my 92-series Benz 320E Sportline at the time, as I know today, looked rather modest compared to a 9000CC 2.0 turbo, not to mention the performance. Even AMS had certified the 2.0 turbo (still driven with leaded petrol) better “G values” than a tested Ferari in one issue. Can remember, 2nd gear, 70 things, and then lead foot ... 5500 rpm . That couldn't be beat

  • I fully agree with the previous speakers. Let's wait and hope and trust in the skill of the involved.

  • It's laughable (or crying, depending on your position) when GM is so afraid of SAAB's ambitions. One finally exposes one's technical “competence” to ridicule and underlines the value of SAAB.

    That should give all GM customers something to think about ...

  • GM once again plays a lousy role, that's right. For VM one can only hope that he has done his homework, as Tom says. For Youngman, I hope they have the courage to buy SAAB without GM licenses.

    A real and courageous article that unadorned describes the situation. Tom, even if not everybody agrees with it, keep it up, that strengthens the credibility of the blog. Good coverage is also evident in the author's own mind. Writing Saab Blog does not mean that you should renounce your own opinion.

    • Exactly the opinion I am also, if one searches reports without the own opinion, there is enough!

  • SAAB does not help at all when conjuring up images of the enemy. The automotive market is one of the most mercilessly contested industries that I know of with a high volume of sales. With high profits or high losses. It is not a vegetable market! We can only trust VM and wait. The big players in the US and China are very well positioned. Let us be alert.

  • GM: make it happen …… .. how does GM actually want to survive when the possibility of stealing know-how from innovative partners no longer exists? Or is there anyone who is impressed by US automotive engineering? R&D of the large corporations was always financed by the state. Competitor Toyota was massively discredited with state support with questionable accidents involving innovative hybrid cars. The USA is fighting social, cultural and financial decline more and more desperately. The financial markets are thrashing the debt situation in Europe for days, although school load and dynamics in the USA look even more dramatic. Eat your hamburgers and accept your decline over there ……. Parking the Saab helps very little!

    • Great polemical, but also meets my opinion!

      thanks for that

  • Unfortunately, the article is the truth, the wages have never arrived on time and are already overdue since 3 weeks. Without the pink SAAB glasses it will be difficult and you will recognize the tragedy. VM has his chance, hopefully he uses it.

  • how many million have Pangda and Youngman invested in Saab so far?

  • I do not know what prompted you to contribute, but the eternal geunke is no sounder than a healthy portion of optimism, that's for sure.
    It's your guesswork and I don't know what the point is - it's not facts.
    gm's stupid cheating is just a typical mood and I am sure that many lawyers have meanwhile carefully checked the contracts with gm before submitting a proposal in vänersborg tomorrow.
    you don't have to love vm - but a little more fairness would certainly be appropriate at the moment.

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