Saab bankruptcy: consequences, opportunities, perpetrators

Hakan Juholt warned in Sweden today about the Saab effect. The entire Swedish vehicle industry may suffer from the Saab bankruptcy, because for the first time in Sweden a big employer disappears completely in this industry. The chances for Saab were there and were not used optimally. Now it's over for now. The bankruptcy trustee moves in the stablebacka and takes over the helm.

Victor Muller will advise the steward and help make the best of Saab out of the unfortunate situation. First and foremost, you will try to sell the company completely to an interested party and bring it back to market. Only when this is not possible will the complete destruction ensue. A small glimmer of hope still and the next days and weeks could be exciting again.

Our opinion on GM
Our opinion on GM

Youngman, the investor from China, did not give up until this morning after Victor Muller of Detroit had completely rejected all options. GM signs contracts, but GM does not abide by the contracts.

No matter what kind of China would invest, from Detroit would be no release. That's the clear message from Detroit and our understanding of the day.

GM disposes of Saab again and, as always, just before Christmas. Youngman could not and did not want to invest in a factory without production and without products. That was the logical consequence and Muller was forced to make his way to the bankruptcy court.

The bankruptcy of Saab Automobile AB brings consequences for everyone. Closed dealer contracts are no longer valid, warranty claims directly from Saab Automobile AB no longer exist. Only when the bankruptcy administrator expressly confirms the guarantee commitments, only then does the promise come alive again.

Bankruptcy can only have a positive impact on the supply of spare parts via Saab Parts AB. Saab Parts AB is not affected and manufacturers who have taken the parts business into hostage will now deliver again. Dealers usually have, I was told, their own contracts with Saab Parts, which are still valid.

Another picture about GM
Another picture about GM

The era of Swedish Automobile, Youngman and Pang Da is definitely over. Everyone has lost money on a large scale and even Victor Muller is facing a financial pile of shit. All license agreements are also invalid, including the agreement with BMW.

The departure of Muller is seen in all its tragedy as a new opportunity for Saab. In Sweden, his name had been burned for some time and he was, with all the merits of the past, also an obstacle to potential investors. Without Muller everything goes back to "Start", the cards are shuffled.

It's not over yet for Saab. Only when the bankruptcy trustee decides to destroy the company, only then do the lights go out in the stablebacka.

How exciting it will be for us Saab drivers here in Germany and which dealers will offer Saab service in the future, that's the exciting question. Even if the blog as a support for the scene and the remaining workshops continues to make sense, that is in the stars. It is still too early to write about it because the shock is still too deep today.

Our thoughts are with the employees of Saab and dealers, not only in Sweden. Families are also affected in Germany, which is particularly hard during the pre-Christmas period. They all showed great commitment to our brand. For her and for us all today is a very sad day.

Der Spiegel wrote an obituary for our favorite Scandinavian brand. A little premature for me, I'll wait, even if the chances of a comeback are more than slim. I am now switching off (for today), going offline. See you tomorrow, then a new day begins.


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  • That was not it yet?!? I hope !
    Is someone acting behind the scenes someone as a candidate for taking over the bankruptcy estate? Are there any rumors, prospects in secret? Who could be eligible? Gabs times modest inquiries? A sale out of bankruptcy, the new owner would be in some way contracted or defacto
    with Ganster Motors, depending?
    Many questions, maybe an opinion, greetings to all

  • So far, the losers in Detroit have always been bloated when SAAB's activities began to move towards the Chinese market - bringing the business back to a boil on the flames (of course, backed by a financially strong investor - which, of course, would not come from China) remaining option out of bankruptcy.

    In this constellation GM would not be affected in the world's largest market in China and could - with or possibly without GM - develop / produce new cars for individualists on a smaller scale - still better than a smashing of this state-of-the-art manufacturing facility - and for one part The previous employee should then also work in vehicle production directly at SAAB.

    This idea of ​​bringing down production, with naturally fewer employees, was brought to the public's attention months ago by some Swedish managers and politicians - if we are lucky in bad luck, the bankruptcy trustee will recognize this as a possibility and act accordingly.

    Please do not try again to provide counter-arguments - first let "sag".

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg


  • I do not mean to be pessimistic, but GM said last Friday that they did not agree with a solution that would negatively impact GM's global activities (global in this context is really global, not just China).

    If that was in the contracts, VM had no chance. And it will not be easy to solve a bankruptcy with licenses.

    • Such a passage in the contracts can not really be possible at all - then the page Muller / Youngman would not have entered into these negotiations from the outset. That now GM has ballooned with words and this intimidation tactic was successful is more likely - GM would have (successful?) Just tried to block everything. However, it would have had the same later effects as if there had been a contractual restriction and there would also have been high costs for litigation ...

      GM probably came through with his scam / intimidation tactics - unfortunately, this must really be described as a gangster method and as highly antisocial!

      If the continuation of vehicle construction in Trollhättan, then as proposed by Joachim, on a smaller scale and in some circumstances also without any GM licenses (with these people a collaboration is almost impossible)!


  • Then it will probably be nothing but waiting at the Geneva Motor Show 2012. Maybe 2013? Would be nice. Yes, one can believe in that ... ..

    • I'm nihilist, idealist, Saab fan first. We have a 43-9er convertible since 3 years. And now we have just bought a 9-5er and abolished our Volvo. Out of conviction and defiance. Nothing against Volvo. But Saab is my big automobile love. 1990, after the fall of the Wall, I thought at first, "brrrr, what a strange car".
      At some point it's got a huge zoooom !!! made. And since then Saab belongs to my life, as wife and daughter. Hopefully in the future - of course, my wife, daughter and Saab.
      It is unimaginable that such an individualist should disappear from the scene in this synchronized world. I do not believe it. I think the Chinese should invest. Just do not take any more ami on board. GM is the last thing. Let 3500 people in the factory, thousands of jobs in the subcontracting and countless Saab fans just starve. At some point, the scumbags do that with Opel, bet?

      • I mean, we've been driving an 4-9 convertible since 3 years ago.

  • ... ne small series would be good to get the brand name, ... .we can only wait - but please it is already! finally, the cars are in prospect where I would buy a new one and then the bankruptcy 🙁

  • Yes, the whole thing is very bitter, but somehow I'm a little bit happy that the Chinese have not come to the train.

    The idea that Joachim has already addressed I think very well.
    SAAB had surfaced before Gangster Motors built their own cars.
    Why should not it be that way again ?!

    I think that is, if not yet a Chinese rescuer laughs the only chance SAAB had.

    Now, as so often in the last two years, we will first have to wait for SAAB and thus for us as fans.

  • Suppliers of GM are of course available in all Saab models. But what about the IP rights on the Saab models?
    The Saab 9-4X belongs from the right to 100% GM. As a result, GM can decide on the production and sale of the model to Saab at its discretion. Although Saab employees have worked on the 9-4X, but this happened legally on behalf of GM directly and without Saab. At least the Saab employees were able to ensure that the 9-4X became a real Saab.
    With the 9-5 the situation looks a bit different, but unfortunately not better. The 9-5 uses partial IP rights of GM, but Saab has also introduced its own developments. This is also reflected in the low matching rate of 30% Opel Insignia, which also uses the GM Epsilon II platform. However, GM owns all IP rights to the 9-5, including the 70%, which make up the Saab proprietary developments on the 9-5. Saab may not even use these proprietary developments in 9-5 in other vehicles without the permission of GM. At the same time, Saab pays royalties to GM for every 9-5 produced. This also applies to the use of Saab's own developments from the 9-5 in other vehicles. Curiously enough, Saab even has to pay royalties for its own developments.
    But there is a surprise with the current 9-3II. Although Saab sources individual parts of GM's 9-3, the design of the 9-3II is not closely related to other GM models. Therefore, the IP rights for the current 9-3 almost exclusively in Saab. Accordingly, Saab does not pay royalties to GM for the 9-3II. Obviously, the Saab technicians before 10 years have shown a lot of stubbornness here and heavily modified the GM Epsilon I platform.
    In contrast, the currently developed Saab Phoenix platform no longer contains any rights of GM. Saab is free to use the new platform. GM still supplies some engineering components, but has no rights to the platform. GM is here so pure supplier.
    Especially the information about the current 9-3 was new to me in this form. So far, there was just in the German press only the info, the 9 3 based on the Opel Vectra. Nevertheless, one should not come up with the idea that Saab simply renounces the 9-4X and the 9-5 so that Saab can be sold without approval from GM. The 9-4X and the 9-5 are important models for Saab. Even the 9-5 sedan sold better in the spring before the production shutdown than the old 9-5. The sports combination should continue to increase sales.
    Replacement models based on the Phoenix platform would also be ready for use in about 4 years at the earliest. This dry spell would be too long for Saab.

    • Where is it that the use would be possible only in 4 years (Phoenix platform)?

      We have heard other periods - maximum 2 years !?


  • Thanks to David, very happy
    and professional contribution. What is the solution?
    Which model could survive?
    By what and with what could Saab revive, albeit in small format? Thank you

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