Saab bankruptcy: The Day after ...

The caste of politicians is the same everywhere in Europe. The two Swedish ministers, Annie Lööf and Hillevi Engström, visited Saab today to gain some insight. In your speech to people who hope for support, unfortunately nothing came to light, but nothing useful at all.

Saab employees describe the performance as "disaster" or "chaos". No help for the car manufacturer, no immediate help for employees who are standing empty-handed before Christmas. A trip from Stockholm to Trollhättan at the expense of the Swedish taxpayer. Bravo!

More interesting than the speech of the two ladies should be the question of how it goes with Trollhättan. Saab is in bankruptcy, unemployment should now be between 20 and 25%. There are interested people for Saab, the number 5 seems to be real. My friend in Stockholm has identified as possible buyers two companies from the Far East, one from Central Europe (!), A prospective customer from Scandinavia and the aforementioned company from Turkey. He can not and does not say more, and I know nothing more than what he told me. However, I could imagine that more than five possible buyers appear.

To have a chance of getting Saab back on the market, the odds are so low, buyers would have to be quick now. Saab's structures in Sweden and around the world are now decaying at a rapid rate, leaving the company as such behind. So, please pace, because Saab is a special offer.

If I were on the board of a Western European car brand, I would buy Saab from a purely strategic point of view. Because with the acquisition of the car manufacturer from Trollhättan the Chinese would have for the first time a strategic bridgehead in the middle of Europe. A functioning, highly productive factory and the best engineers in Scandinavia.

But the eager readers from the car companies do not ask me, so we have to wait.

Saab fan and loyal reader Alexandros has posted an interesting link on the subject of "killing" Saab. Definitely worth reading, so here again the Christmas reading, even if I would have liked another topic. Thanks to Alexandros for Southern Bavaria!

In the last 24 hours, many emails were received, which I will answer over the Christmas holidays. It was often about how we can help Saab and also what will happen to the blog in the future, was an issue.

For the future of the blog, I'm a bit baffled, I admit. He will not disappear in the next few days, that's clear. But whether he will remain a medium for the Saab community and the remaining service companies, if Saab does not make the way back, that's not sure yet.

The coming Christmas holidays will certainly bring more clarity to me. Ideas and opinions from readers are welcome in every way!


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  • Continue, please 😉

    Respectively, one would consider it useful until it is really clear what happens to SAAB in the end ...

  • Hi Tom,
    We appreciate your blog and please do not give up now, that would be a sad signal. Even if SAAB disappears as a manufacturer, the spirit of SAAB should stay alive, and you could make a great contribution. In this sense: move your mind!

  • Hi Tom

    If SAAB disappears as a manufacturer, or no longer appear, there is a large community.
    This would deserve to continue to have a mouthpiece, a point of contact.
    Especially in the "Diaspora", the friends of our brand would have to know a central place where all sorts of things go together and can be discussed.
    As a community of interests, your blog could (should) continue to exist.
    Who could imagine (Attention Schmalz) a better than you and your blog.

    Christmas greeting


  • I can only agree with that ... .. you make the blog really great ............................ And I read it daily to always be up to date here. I'm curious which Central European investor is interested in Saab ... ..

  • Even the statements of Tom Knecht on the subject seem a bit too negative to us - what does SAAB want in the current situation more than already 5 interested parties who, despite the difficult situation seem to tackle it with seriousness and "deep pockets"? That would be at Opel in comparable situation (probably still) in the short time of the time happens under no circumstances.

    We do not share the view that structures are falling apart quickly - there are SAAB dealers throughout the world with an affiliated service department who have a solid customer base and these customers' vehicles do not disintegrate within 1 - 2 years (the time expected to occur) to develop new vehicles ready for production).

    We think it's great that different investors are already showing interest and approaching the matter with a positive view - which we should continue to motivate and not play any articles like "who killed SAAB?". On the other hand, there are also references to the deceased and the well-known saying "dead say longer" - in this sense, please continue.

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein
    Julie and family

  • I can only agree with that. Even MINI-COOPER in the UK has been missing 5 years and made it back to the car market. And Vikings will not give up that fast anyway. Bankruptcy proceedings can bring about a new beginning.

  • 2 years overwintering would be ok, but what will happen to the employees - is there anything like employment companies in sweden to keep the staff at saab?

    but it would be a pity about the 9-4x and the 9-5II! well maybe gm thinks even to when you realize that there is also a car life without them!

    ... also the museum, would be too bad drum. but that might really be a case for "rescue saab" or a saabstiftung.

    So head up!

  • At the time there were other interested parties than Koenigsegg and Spyker!
    Could it be that Gerard Lopez (owner of the Lotus Renault F1 team) and Bernie Ecclestone are again among the investors?
    Would not be a bad idea then ...

  • Tom's blog is really great - thanks for that tom!
    Nevertheless, I find that we have something driven by our assumptions and the vast majority of such things have not occurred anyway.
    i still do not see it as safe in the chinese - i hope for a european solution and a man who dares to invest with gm as far as the rights are concerned.
    a halt of two years, I consider practical.
    I will miss, now you can attack me, a victor muller, who fought for saab to the last minute. even if he has undoubtedly made mistakes, looking for such a standing unparalleled.
    I hope for a solution for all - in the meantime, I am driving the rarest high-volume product in the world and in the hope of having a new generation 9-5.

  • Dear Tom, as a Saab dealer I submit the proposal
    that we set up a leasing return exchange. There Saab dealers could announce their often 3 year old returns with price and features. Saab fans would then have the first access to the cars. Thank you for your daily information and encouraging words.

    • Hello Stefan, the idea is very good and would help both sides. I think we will do that. 🙂

    • Good idea!

  • Hello Marcus,

    notice in advance: I would like to have the new 9-5 (as a station wagon) - but I feel very well in my "old" 9-5 station wagon. A "wintering time" of 2 years (if necessary), my car and I would survive like flying!

    With the types of GM invest, hardly anyone will plan - the better solution in my eyes: As possible, left alone and act from scratch without these failures (is now much easier to accomplish).

    A European car company would probably not be a good solution, because they all want to cope and might not want to buy any more competitors - then more financially strong Indians, Chinese or any other company that does not have car production in the whole group. Well-filled funds would naturally be a prerequisite - but here there should be so many large corporations that fulfill that. With "deep pockets" a lot can be moved - especially in the required speed!



  • I find it strange (even as a SAAB driver) if one undifferentiates politicians with terms such as "politician caste". Such terms are mostly used by radicals who are simple-minded about anything that does not suit you in the junk. What does the author want to tell us? At least with me it leaves a bad impression of the author and his political attitude. As nice as this blog may be.

    • The term was chosen very consciously and is appropriate in this case too. The behavior of the ministers aroused so much displeasure on the ground that no other descriptions are possible. The reactions on site are firsthand, my words well thought out.
      The national press also had similar words, which led to reactions in Stockholm in Stockholm. Today, a new "Trolhättan package" is presented by both ladies, partly due to pressure from the public.

      • SO IT IS RIGHT !

      • Again, it's not about the direct attack on a politician but about the "all around" to all. The quote I refer to is "The caste of politicians is the same everywhere in Europe". If the admin is aiming at the "behavior" of a particular minister, I wonder why he uses this rather undifferentiated attack and does not argue more clearly and purposefully? That's all.

        • Did he exactly set out in the following sentence and name his name! Even politicians?

  • you have to say it:

    who expected something different from the responsible politicians?
    since april, they have been able to earn zero commissions - and now they are able to shell out the lost wages at the taxpayer's expense.
    whether it would not only have made more sense, but also cheaper, to support from the beginning on, I can not reasonably judge.
    No one talks about the social impact anyway.
    The whole thing reminds me very much of borgward.

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