Saab Bankruptcy: The Youngman Plan

The most important factor is time. Youngman has understood and positions himself. While other potential buyers are still exploring the situation, the Chinese start the long march into the European automotive industry. Today Rachel Pang and delegation are expected in Trollhättan, a first meeting with the bankruptcy administrators is on the plan.

The investors in China bring along a plan that sounds (almost) realistic. Unlike Victor Muller, Youngman has read his Machiavelli and does not go to battles that can not be won. Youngman wants to save as much as possible from the Saab structure, development, design, tooling and production are to be secured.

Youngman plans to resume production of the Saab 9-3 Griffins to bridge the time-to-market of the new Saabs. The 9-3 is little burdened by GM rights, approval from Detroit would be possible. Unlike the new Saab 9-5 and 9-4x, the 9-3 is outdated and is not a protected property for Detroit dar. The plans for manufacturing the licensed products Saab 9 5 and Saab 9 4x has given up Youngman. That you would never get the green light from Detroit, you have understood.

Youngman's idea has charm. With a 9-3 Griffin manufacturing, you could keep some of the staff and let the factory run at least in base load. The dealers would still have a product and a source of income in addition to the spare parts business. Saab would be a brand with just one series - again - but with a sedan, convertible, station wagon and all-wheel drive.

I personally could live well with an 9-3x and bridge the time to the all-new, GM-free, Saab 9-5. In addition, the Saab 9-3 is the bread and butter car with which in the past quantities were made. Why not?

Youngman's plan is almost realistic. 90% so to speak. In China there is BAIC, which claims the rights to the Saab 9-3. With the old Saab 9-5, the rights to the "old" pre-facelift Saab 9-3 have been acquired. The definition is vague and has caused confusion over and over again in recent months. This makes things political again, but controllable from Beijing. If the NDRC wants to buy the Swedish beachhead for the Chinese auto industry, it looks like BAIC will not object.

As always, it's not over yet and the Saab Automobile topic is picking up speed again. Perhaps now is the very last, serious chance. It is clear that a quick solution is required. The bankruptcy trustee duo today initiated the layoffs of all Saab employees. The best minds at Saab are migrating to Gothenburg or elsewhere in the world. There is little time left for the Trollhättan location and the global Saab infrastructure.

Because, we currently have no legal legal Saab dealer network. With the bankruptcy of Saab Automobile AB all old agreements are obsolete, each new owner must conclude new contracts. Also the Saab national companies, mostly branches of the Saab Automobile AB, stand now in a process of the dissolution. Any serious buyer should turn on the turbo.

As always, follow news if there is something to report.


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  • Hallo,

    I find the statement of Marcus in terms of the common parts very apt.

  • uhem: the new saab 9-5 is certainly not an insignia, it speaks for the low number of identical parts.
    I know both - they are worlds.
    In the future, no matter how it is, there will never be an 100% saab because that would be priceless.
    saab, like everyone else, will probably have to serve more on the world market.
    It is synonymous me completely schnupppiepegal, in which other makes the same switches, safety belts, heaters, etc. are installed.
    an audi-driver does not complain about the fact that a lot of parts are also installed in vw's, skoda, seat and partly porsche.
    that's why it's still an audi.

  • The 9-5II can be further developed in Trollhättan under license. This new car, including the station wagon, certainly has sales potential. With only one model SAAB has no chance in the market. I wish all SAAB employees a lot of confidence and optimism. And thank you Tom once again for the great contributions and nice holidays.

    • As is well known, however, no Chinese would then be allowed to hold the larger shares - unfortunately this has now become clear due to GM's anti-social behavior.

      The fact that VM has been negotiating with the Chinese for the whole month without a precise clarification of this licensing obstacle must, however, be negatively criticized - as a result, a long period of time has ultimately passed pointlessly.

      If it comes to the takeover by YL or another China company, the thing with a model series (9-3 sedan / 9-3 station wagon + 9-3 convertible) would be limited in time - this would be feasible.

  • I've been driving Saab continuously since 1983. currently a convertible Aero my 12th. and since then I have been following everything about Saab. The origin of the current catastrophe are the Americans, i.e. GM. It was already clear then that the Americans let Saab bleed to death and that they had no interest in the further development of Saab. What came after the "real Saab's" were just the annoying old Opel. When I look at my 9-3 I only see Opel parts. The current 9-5 is just an insignia. The further development with Spyker and the Chinese could be followed so far. Then the Americans stood up against each other again and then came the end. The Americans don't care what happens to the 3.500 Saabians. These families are now without work. That is even sadder than that Saab should no longer exist. I therefore wish all employees that they can find a job again quickly and I wish for the Saab brand and here I will not give up hope that perhaps an investor will take on the brand and revive it. In any case, I would be in the process of contributing financially.
    I wish all Saab driving a happy and blessed Christmas

  • after several 900ern, several 9000ern I currently drive a new 9-5 aero 6 cylinder awd.
    the 900 is certainly unmatched when it comes to “saabishness”, the 9000 were a single catastrophe, with the exception of the engine, the current one is simply a dream car and certainly the best saab since the 900. all current cars in this class are heavy, which is also true related to today's demands that have nothing to do with the past.
    simply not being able to baeun this magnificent car would be more than a loss for the future.
    The Chinese are certainly not just the good people, as shown here. At the moment, the primary aim is to secure the millions with the right to the phoenix platform.
    Without the Chinese Saab would have been gone for a long time, without question, but the current view, I think a little blue-eyed.

    • > simply not being allowed to build this grandiose car would be more than a loss for the future.
      I can only associate myself with. There is a market next to the mass-produced vehicles. Anyone who has ever driven with me from my business friends comes to think. Or better, to rethink.

    • I can only agree with Marcus. I am now driving my 4 SAAB (9-5 aero 2.8T / Hirsch).
      This car is by far the best SAAB for me. Workmanship very high quality, the performance is impressive. The handling is the predecessor (9-5 aero estate year
      2006) not comparable at all !!! The weight: A vehicle with this modern
      Technology, size and safety standards can not weigh more 1560 Kg !!!
      This car needs to be upgraded when in the woods of Audi, BMW and Mercedes
      want to poach.

  • I can only hope that there is some solution that Saab can live on. Unfortunately, I currently do not drive myself, but had already some. There is no car that excites me so much. I can not define why, but when I see a Saab, I always get sentimental.
    I do not give up hope, despite the difficult situation.

  • Hallo,

    Honestly, Saab could not make money with 9-3 and 9-5 and then it should work with a series? The series subsidizes from China? With the current customer base? Because you will not find so many new ones after all the cheese.
    I do not want to sound pessimistic but this is a pretty rotten branch on the Saab there wants to sit or climb. Because at the moment the colleagues in Trollhättan are not lying at all.
    What I think is even better -> all of the current Saab models are penned by GM. A few months ago, stupid jokes were cracked in some Saab forums such as - "Oh God, not another Sapel" or "Everything that came after the 9000 was nothing anymore". I also got to read it back then when I bought an almost new 9-5. All of a sudden the new Saab models are good, aren't they? A song of praise is even sung to the four-wheel drive Mexican who has as much to do with Saab as a Big Mac with Smörebröd.
    For years, every new Saab model was badly talked or written, not to mention a new one was bought.

    Now some people wonder that Saab broke is? They would have bought a new one from time to time!

    Good night!

    • On the other hand, I am always amazed that outside the circle of SAAB insiders you meet a lot of people, for whom SAAB is very positive and who do not doubt that these are great cars - even if they have suffered a little under GM. The good question is how do you get people to buy a SAAB and get excited?

  • 2 more years to manufacture the 9-3? No topic, long product cycles with continuous development were typical SAAB. It's a pity that the 9-3 would not necessarily be able to supply company / government vehicles, right?

    • Hello weenie;

      why not? I myself know at least 2 fleets 9-3SC in the closer environment. And they are all proud Saab drivers.

      LG Mark

  • That's a real ray of hope for days. As Michael already wrote, the 9-3 is a great car and I love Saab because I drive a 9-3 2,8T SC. That would be a solution that could maintain the existing structures, and the brand does not quite disappear for 2 years. With 2 you do not have to laboriously start from scratch. Let's hope so that the bankruptcy trustee also recognize that it must be clear how it goes on, so that the existing structures can also be maintained. If it would work fine

  • I can only agree with the topics of my prescribers. The 9-3 or 900 has always been the better car. The rigidity of the body alone was a dream with the old 900ers. The quality at Saab read 1990 after the entry of GM. And that consistently for all models. You can twist and turn as you like! I would be happy if everything came back from Sweden. Simply quality cars without GM contaminated parts. And why not just start with 9-3! On the subject of Youngman, who was already very correct. And again, he is still fully behind Saab. Therefore by my side, thumbs up, Youngman for President!

  • I would not mourn the GM models .. we see it more as a chance that SAAB could again construct real Saabs themselves 9-5, 9-5 SC 9-4X without GM ... find that even more exciting and lets hope to celebrate a completely new beginning an example a 9-4X without diesel in Europe

    • Even the large sedan could be improved in terms of design - the hatchback model with a large hatch was clearly missing here.

      Full approval for the off-road vehicle - several diesel generators are clearly one of them.

      As a manufacturer, you could get along well with the 9-3. There are all variants here - from the sedan to the station wagon to the convertible.


      • Agree with you! The Audi A7 alone shows that a hatchback also fits into today's luxury class, so it's made for Saab! In addition, unlike the 2nd "GM 9-5", you have to remember the Saab characteristics. So don't put up a 2 ton car that only represents purely theoretical sporting ambitions, but a car that also impresses with its agility and sportiness. Because when you think of Saab, you think first and foremost of sporty, safe and beautiful cars.

        • Hello dsc;

          I do not know how to come to your opinion about the 9-5SC. Have you ever driven one?

          LG Mark

          • Hi Mark,
            my uncle briefly had the 2010 9-5 2.0T, which I tried for a few hours. I do not want to devalue the car, I was positively surprised. Surely a good, if not very good and comfortable Reiselimosine and the performance was certainly sufficient at 220PS. However, the 5 meter length and resulting weight of 2 tons are being sacrificed in driving dynamics. As much as you've set the Drive Sense Sport, it's still a big, heavy weight limousine. But these key data do not just close to sporting ambitions. In these possibilities, the car drives certainly well and quickly. However, it did not succeed in making it a sporty car, which Saab has actually written in his story on the flag. I think the idea of ​​making the 9-5 so big came first and foremost from wanting to break away from the Insignia.

        • Since you can see how subjective an impression can be. Monday and Tuesday I have in my new 9-5 Aero Turbo 4 deer just about 1400 km drive düren. That was easy going. Safe, despite the night in the snow, quickly and thoroughly relaxed. (9,8 l) At home long distances. The A7 would have been the alternative. Is she safe even if man / woman wants to drive a mass-produced car. If he is better ???? I have four more SAABs in the garage, Viggen, etc. In short, every model has its own character. That's the strength. And one more thing: you can criticize the past SAAB / GM. You can not change them. And please do not forget, in the 9-5 development also outstanding German engineers were involved.

  • someone in SU wrote something about the Turkish government and / or a large company ...
    Magna .. and maybe Koenigsegg ...

    I would be reassured if it were young man to pull through this plan ... a shame for the 95th

    but better Saab than no Saab ... and better now than throwing around the leftover pieces.

    I keep my fingers crossed ... everyone.

  • Rising from the Ruins….?
    Youngman got to the heart of the problem that everyone involved is facing. There is no time to examine many alternatives and their effects. If, in addition to the Youngman plan, there is another interested party who wants to receive SAAB as an automobile manufacturer, this offer should be made public quickly. Because every day that goes by unused will accelerate the decline ...

    With all the tender hope I have for the Youngman plans, I still wonder why they are only there today (48 hours after the worst case). If you didn't, according to VM custom, always have one more plan in your pocket than you thought you needed….

    Whoever gets involved in the SAAB adventure shouldn't forget: SAAB IS DIFFERENT. This motto doesn't just apply to automobiles. Our hope is also fed from this….

  • I do not find the Hirsch project particularly appealing …………. sorry …………. Concerning the interested parties, the question arises whether the insolvency administrator will not wait for all offers in order to make an optimal decision …………… .. and therefore the hope for a quick redemption is in vain

  • Today is the longest night. From tomorrow, it will be the light. Rachel Pang could hardly arrive more symbolically. ??
    In all the important exchange about the technical issues, I would like to think of the SAAB employees who, after an endless back and forth, finally need clarity these days. A resounding YES to your job, a resounding yes to continuing. What could that be for Christmas….

  • I think you confuse SAIC with BAIC. BAIC has bought the old models, but is not a GM partner!

    • Right, thanks!

  • The Youngman-Lotus continues into the next round with this vigor is not a matter of course - great recognition for this!

    Nevertheless, it would be extremely interesting to know who the other parties besides MAGNA are who have already "knocked on". Information from Sweden is urgently expected about this - dear bankruptcy trustees, please do not start any secrecy (otherwise this would have a strange aftertaste)!

    A dream team would be in my eyes MAGNA with Youngman Lotus together: MAGNA takes care of the components and YL drives everything else forward. Super constellation against GM!


  • OK, if the Chinese are really serious with SAAB and ultimately with us fans and buyers then I'll keep our fingers crossed for them and for the deal.
    The fact that "only" the 9-3 is built is not tragic either, it is a great car after all.

  • Hello to all sympathizers;
    It's not going to be easy in these circumstances
    To manage the office properly ...
    I always admire Tom as he manages to get his job and blog on the line. Thanks again, Tom !!!
    To top it off, my 9-5 Combi is also available with Elektronikmacke (GM part) in the workshop;
    Nevertheless, a merry Christmas to all
    SAAB enthusiasts.

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