Saab Location: Light and shadow near Saab

It is the last business article on the 2011 blog that was rich in crises and business news for Saab. Tomorrow comes an article on the annual review and then 2011 is history. In the meantime, things have become clearer, both in a positive and a negative sense.

Bloomberg reports Mahindra as the Saab prospective customer from India. If the message proves true, then it would be a good partner with a very broad base. Mahindra can be described as a traditional manufacturer, because you build since 1947 cars on the subcontinent. It is still too early to say more and also the bankruptcy trustee duo is a bit covered. But I could well imagine the Indians in the role of a new Saab owner.

The Turkish interested party is now known. Swedish television names Brightwell Holding as a potential buyer of the PhoeniX platform. However, Brightwell is not an industrial partner and is only interested in building a national, Turkish brand. Still, the focus of the bankruptcy trustees is to sell Saab as a complete package. Today, Hans Bergqvist and Anne-Marie Pouteaux were present in all media in Sweden and praised the positive progress of their work.

Also on the Saab 9-3 successor, whose prototypes they were allowed to see, came only words of praise. If you read the interviews, you get the impression that the duo understood. The critical mass, if you may call it that, is the staff. They present the value of Saab and with it is hurry to find a solution. Also over Victor Muller one found good words and one has a good impression of his personality.

As I said, light and shadow are close together. Today at 16: 00 the Saab Museum has closed its doors and the future is uncertain for the time being. The friends on Saabsunited have launched an initiative to save the museum. Anyone who wants to show solidarity, can first by mail. Our Berlin-based Saab blogger Dirk also supports the museum and has designed T-shirts for it in his blog shop.

A sad message is coming from Frankfurt. The Saab car dealership, one of Sweden's three plants worldwide, has been operating since 28.12. under provisional insolvency administration. A direct effect of the Saab bankruptcy in Sweden, because with the bankruptcy petition in Trollhättan the patronage agreement with Frankfurt lapses. The preliminary end point of a long descent, because Saab had in previous years several car dealerships in the Rhine Main area.

In my thoughts, I am with the employees, because many I have come to know and appreciate over the years and some of them I feel connected in a special way.

For the Saab driver from the Frankfurt area a hard hit, because it is currently not the only Saab dealership which closes there at the end of the year.

We will hear next week if we know more. Updates follow when there is something new.


3 thoughts on "Saab Location: Light and shadow near Saab"

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    How far are the thoughts on the SAAB Museum already? Could a “museum donation” be a solution? At the moment, the willingness of SAAB friends to donate should be great. In addition to hope for the future, the past must not be forgotten.

    Happy New Year and all the best for 2012 !!

    • blank

      Man, man, man, is not yet New Year's morning 😉

      It should be called “Museum Foundation”.

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    We in Schleswig-Holstein would be very interested in who is behind the Swedish consortium.

    Since we are talking about other interested parties (apart from the Swedes, Indians and Turks), a "lookup" would also be interesting here - maybe we will hear at the beginning of the year who is still approaching.

    We are also currently listing the Indians as favorites - as far as the Indian market is concerned, GM's interests should not be significantly affected. Compared to China, only a fraction of GM cars drive the bumpy roads there. In addition, an Indian company will concentrate more on sales outside of India (similar to how Tata practices it with Jaguar) - the ABC slogan would come into play here and by the way there are u. U. ample license fees for GM (which they actually didn't deserve).


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