Saab diary 2012 online! is the most widely read German language blog with more than 150.000 visitors a month. To give the Saab riders an overview of the many activities of the Saab fans and clubs, we have put a diary online. Because the blog wants to support the Saab community and is open to all Saab drivers.

At the moment the planning is going into the summer, the autumn and winter months are still to follow. The highlight of the year will probably be the international Saab Meeting at the Belgian Spa, where I still hope for an event in Trollhättan with an open Saab Museum. Maybe also with a Saab factory celebrating their comeback.

If you are planning a Saab meeting, a regulars' table or something similar for our great Swedish brand, please send us a short mail to We like to publish.


2 thoughts on " Saab diary 2012 online!"

  • Yes, exactly, is there any new trend news, trend-setting achievements, or new paths.?

    Which “rescue direction” are the duo pursuing? You have been in office for some time.

    We are impatient and hungry for new news. We love our brand.

    Today had the opportunity to bring a “hammer quote ála Tom” to the man.

    One at the company parking lot said, uh, nice, well-kept car, added to my gray CS, but older. Yes, I said, you know, his cohorts from the German competition “are now rocking happily in Kabul and Baghdad”. Yes, yes, of course, how true, they are all crap long ago, he said with his mouth open and looked in disbelief!

    These sentences speak tapes.

    Hopefully the production will be back soon, even with a model with 5 types.

    Who has the license rights to the Elektro9-3?

    I would like to know if my three Saabins, older representatives of a successful and up-to-date brand, or lonely representatives of a lost history, will remain or become.

  • Quote: Maybe with a Saab factory celebrating their comeback. We still have a little hope.

    Why so little positive thinking? It doesn't have to be the full program (ie not all model series) in Trollhättan - the specialist duo that is currently treating the patient will most likely report a small or even large therapeutic success in the next few weeks!

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