Saab Meetings Germany: Outside Saab in Bremen

The Saab Community in Germany is still active. Now that we have a meeting in the southwest, we have an appointment for Northern Germany.

As part of the worldwide Outside Saab events, there will be a corresponding meeting in Bremen on January 14, 2012. We will meet on Saturday, January 14, 2012 from 13.00 p.m. at the port in Speicher XI (53.095573,8.770914).

Please send an email to Norbert, who is organizing the event, to take part by January 10.01.2012, XNUMX. Mail: so that he can “warn” the restaurant accordingly.

Norbert writes: “There will be no planned convoy and no tour of any kind, due to legal and weather reasons. Of course, everyone can go there together, on a private basis. We want to meet, talk, and have the feeling of being part of a global Saab campaign for a few hours. Look at cars and say thank you to Saab for 64 years ”.

Thanks to Norbert for the mail and for his engagement!


10 thoughts on "Saab Meetings Germany: Outside Saab in Bremen"

  • Schiete ... just at the WE it doesn't fit me at all .... 🙁
    Otherwise Bremen would have been an option for me ...

    Still great that something is still moving !!! 🙂

  • I have a question like “Saab'ler, I live in Thuringia.
    Would also like it. How about Leipzig or Erfurt?

  • Attention - inventory!

    Bavarian SAAB drivers please report.

    • Hello GALLIX,

      I am reporting from the district Ebersberg.

      If nothing takes place within 14 km of Munich on January 15.01.2012/200, XNUMX, I will probably go to Stuttgart ... gladly in the Convoy 😉

      • Hello Alexandros (are you a descendant of OTTO, King of the Greeks and son of old Ludwig the First from BAIERN?)

        Something should be happening "AROUND" around Munich anyway.
        A Bavarian SAAB club is long overdue.

        Greetings from KEH

      • Servus GALLIX,

        I don't know if I'm a descendant of King Otto, but yes, I'm Greek and I've already experienced two bankruptcies at the same time with my country and Saab ...

        Greetings from EBE,

      • Alexandros - don't worry!

        It is going to be all right .


  • Hello to all Saabfahrer,
    Great, with the meeting, does anyone know if this is planned in or near Thuringia, northern Bavaria or Saxony?

    • Saxony is nothing, says Tom. North Bavaria or Hesse is not known.

      • Too bad, the other locations are simply not with me in time;

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