Saab center Frankfurt: We are still here!

Good news for the Saab drivers in the Rhine-Main area! Last week, the bankruptcy filing of the Saab Center went through all German-language Saab forums and blogs. It was not good news at the end of the year. Yesterday came an email from CEO Rainer Wulf, who at least partially gave the all-clear.

The Saab Center has continued to open and will go through the bankruptcy process until the end of March, directed by the court. The business continues as usual, only goodwill and warranty work is currently not carried out, as they are not taken over by Saab in Sweden. However, this situation could change at any time by a decision of the bankruptcy trustee.

So it goes on, that's good news from Fechenheim! Because the workshop is very competent, highly appreciated by Saab drivers and well frequented. The Saab Center is a good destination not only for the current but also for the older Saabs and also offers restorations of historic vehicles. It would be a pity if we lost the Frankfurt specialists!


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  • Hi Tom,

    that's good news!

    Happy New Year from Aschaffenburg!


  • Hello Tom!
    First of all, a big thank you for the fair and important information for all Saab fans over the past year. I have been a customer at the Saab Center Ffm for 40 years with around 26 Saabs of all models from 1972 onwards. So that was good news
    a miracle at the last minute. If we all stick with you everything should be fine.
    Happy Year 2012 wishes us all
    Achim Naumann

  • If instead of the name tag of the mechanic it says “bankruptcy on board”, everything you do now is subject to a guarantee. Even if you are officially under bankruptcy administration, there is no leeway for "I do what I want" and without responsibility.

    But that's not what our Saab does anyway.

    We keep our fingers crossed, Tom, please give some Swedish news or history and
    Activity reports.

    This blog is our source of information

    Thank you

  • The question about the warranty is a good one and I cannot answer it. Maybe the Saab center will read along and post an answer ... 😉

  • Great report - a circular mail to the registered customers would certainly not have been bad (and no effort) or possibly a small entry in the homepage.
    At the moment I would have to go to the “small and large” annual inspection: But what about the guarantee for the work carried out in it?

  • Great, congratulations. In the last 10 days I have clicked the “Saab-de” very often, every time a cold shiver went down my spine, whether it would not jump out “unknow”. Good news, I hope we hear the latest trendsetting news from Sweden this week. Bring someone the Swedish bride home or vice versa.

    Please keep us informed.

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