Saab Meetings Germany: Berlin!

The topic of the "Outside Saab Meetings" is slowly getting started in Germany. After Bremen and Stuttgart, the local Saab Club is planning a support event in the federal capital with Saab blogger and fan Dirk Krinelke for January 14th or 15th. The meeting called "We Support Saab Event" by Saab friends from Berlin is to be a joint excursion to the Aviation Museum Finowfurt with a subsequent snack at the Werbellinsee.

A well chosen theme to show the Saabs on the road, because the origins of our Swedes are aviation. The museum will open for the Saab riders at this event, admission is 5,00 € per person. Pre-registration is therefore necessary. All Saab riders who would like to participate in the Berlin event are asked to attend 05. January by contacting Dirk on the Saab Club website.


2 thoughts on "Saab Meetings Germany: Berlin!"

  • Hello Joachim,

    there is next to nothing new, otherwise I would tell. Contacts are close and direct, but as always, we have to be patient. This is the current status ...

    Greetings to the Hanseatic city!


  • blank

    Hi Tom,

    if the following concerns of mine are put forward here, I will definitely write for many SAAB owners (and of course for other interested people): I ask, if at all possible from your side, to the current state of affairs in matters popped up prospects or possible investors.

    Certainly it is also a certain calculation (especially with the two administrators), if not too much leaked. In the past, as is well known, there have been reactions from many wrong sides - for this reason I would be very satisfied with a rough description of the “route”.

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg


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