Saab loyalties in Sweden and elsewhere

In the Saab crisis year 2011, only 40 Saab engineers left Trollhättan for Gothenburg. The other Swedish car maker is still urgently looking for engineers and would like to hire Saab employees. Even now, after filing for bankruptcy, Saab employees seem to be having a hard time turning their back on Trollhättan.

The loyalty is exceptionally high, as I also experienced in the last few days in a personal conversation. Even now that the majority of employees are to be dismissed by the bankruptcy trustee, executives remain deliberately on board. Is it the famous Swedish stubbornness? That is possible, but not likely, because international managers are also (for the time being and still) loyal. You are probably Saab Mann or Volvo Mann (... or Frau), so Gothenburg is not a sparkling alternative.

It's the same with the Saab drivers. A friend of mine has reserved a Saab 9-5 II leasing returns so that the Saab supplies do not break down in the family. A good and far-sighted idea! Another friend will soon be getting into a 9-5 sedan instead of a new 9-5 sports suit. And I'm also looking for a certain Saab in the new car stage. Yesterday I visited the dealership of another, very good and very attractive brand. Only to find out that I'm lost for other brands ... absolutely Saab - infected!

So somehow and somewhere I'll buy a new Saab that meets my minimum requirements. If necessary, directly from Sweden, maybe at ANA in Trollhättan. Is this crazy? A new car with no prospect of warranty service and with questionable market value? No crazier than staying on board with an automaker that does not build cars anymore.

At least temporarily none is building ... The bankruptcy trustee duo secures the structures behind the scenes, which at first doesn't sound very spectacular. This secures the Saab future and the attractiveness for a possible buyer. Because only a company with functioning structures is a candidate for a possible complete purchase.

There seem to be opportunities for that. Of course, everything is now more hope and wishful thinking, but can such a brand disappear? A brand with such loyal employees and customers?

Not really. It has to go on.


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  • I would like to drive a new Saab, too. Since I can put down a second Saab privately but nowhere and the company car (Saab 9-3, 1.9TTid Vector) is to be delivered soon (will not take over ween see above), I will unfortunately have to change to another brand.

    I would have loved to have contributed to increasing the weak sales figures. In my opinion, these were Saab's biggest problem. The drivers are loyal, but often “too long” for a model.

    Well, and the recruiting of customers did not work because the vehicles are bad, but because I think just the presence of the new models in the public was missing (TV, print advertising, etc.).

    I did not really have a problem with the Opel or GM technology in my Saab stuck, but the vehicles really look too different. Only those who looked closely could discover similarities here or there, or find telltale logos.

    Anyway, I still hope that Saab will continue and maybe then I can get one again as a company car or put as my Own Saabi in the not yet existing garage.

    The whole thing apart from my visits to Trollhättan, who would be a bit colorless without Saab.

  • Have a look at the website
    Fantastic 900er for the top price
    That's how the brand lives in the future

    After 6 x 9-3 and 1 x 9-5 Aero now on D-brand.

  • Oh, the 9000 can be forgiven for it ...

  • I just caught myself visiting the Gothenburg brand. Really good cars, especially the V60 is similar to the 9-3 station wagon, but not a Saab. So if, then a very last resort. I just can not identify with any other brand.

  • I think that's really great of you! * thumbs up * 😉

  • Hallo,
    the report speaks from the heart 🙂
    I also made a sedan from an ordered sports combo, from white now black, from TTID now Turbo4, from Aero now Linear, from four-wheel drive now front-wheel drive, from switch car now automatic….
    And? No matter! Main thing 9-5 II !!!
    I got and approved the 9-5 II new car yesterday.
    And I'm completely thrilled after the first few kilometers!
    Guarantee? It's too bad, anyway. At German-Assistance, a used car warranty has been completed online today, so there is at least some protection for the most important components.

    Now I'm still looking for original 19 ″ turbine wheels as complete wheels or just rims. Does somebody has any idea?

    PS I am sure it will continue in Trollhättan and then there will be the coveted sports combo, just stop later ...

    Best regards,


  • Hi Tom,

    it is exactly like that. This is an invaluable asset of this brand. Every possible buyer can be lucky not to have to build this first. After all, generating loyalty and trust takes several years. Apparently, work is being done very diligently behind the scenes. Please keep your very appreciative, factual and objective reporting, coupled with this passion also for 2012!
    You're not alone!

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein from an ex-Hesse!

  • Hey Tom!

    I'm doing the same as you are, just 20 minutes ago in my car I thought again 'an ignition lock belongs in the middle, nowhere else' 😀

    I myself know how it is with other brands, I myself work for a German 'noble' company and I have very good contacts with one of the others. Nevertheless, SAAB attracts me and not the others!


  • Maybe you should wake up slowly in Sweden to see what kind of cultural and economic asset is currently being sold. With sensible guidance, SAAB would never have gotten into such a bad situation. The loyalty of the fans around the world should also give the last person in charge something to think about !!

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