Reduced at 210th Saab 9-4x in the Speed ​​Limiter.

Some readers are considering importing the Saab 9-4x from the USA. How good the idea is, everyone has to answer for himself ... ;-). At the request of a special reader, the video for the 9-4x.

Saab 9-4x limited in the Speed ​​Limiter at Tempo 210
Saab 9-4x limited in the Speed ​​Limiter at Tempo 210

Anyway, the digital speedometer can be changed from miles to miles. Friend Mark and I were on the highway with the 9-4x in the fall, the Saab is down at Tempo 210, as you can see.

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  • Hello cmd, have you got on with import? Have also thought about importing a 94x and ask me the same questions.

  • Hello Bergsaab

    The 9-4x has not been sold in Canada until now and has no km / h anywhere except the electronic ad.

    But I'm more worried about the navigation system, because unfortunately no one could give me any information.

    Unfortunately, I will not be able to remove your 9-7x from you, my garage is already full of my 9-5 XWD6, my wife's 9-3 SC XWD and the shared convertible.

    But in the meantime, if anyone has any information about the navigation system and radio of 9-4x, I would be a grateful customer.

    • @cmd: you also have a nice collection, with us it is sorted a little differently: my 9-7 × 5,3i, my wife's convertible and our joint aero9000.

      And now that my new garages are freed from building material there is no saab replenishment 🙁

      would be a shame about the new ones if they should not come!

  • Hello for the purpose of your broken battery with the 9-5 of the alarm system, something you can get but it is very expensive!
    Otherwise you can unsolder the battery !! Then the problem is resolved !!!
    By the way, this horn is anyway Ami-cream, with which we want to have nothing more to do, right?



  • @ Characta

    Ah cool. Thanks for the tip - really nice! 🙂
    Interesting. That would help me already.
    No one is paying any attention to horns, no one wants that old Saab and the car is usually in the garage anyway.
    Just what does Tech2 mean ?? Is that just a backup or how can I solve the "little problem"?

    Well, there are two more problems.
    I've been living with both of them for a while, but if I had cheap solutions I'd like to “fix” them.

    Display errors in the air conditioning control (yes have several Saabs from the time).
    You can't see all the digits that are made up of the 7 “bars” (with a 1, for example, I only see the top bar on the passenger display; rear window heating display is completely gone).
    With RBMperformance there would be as used exchange device (against return of own) for approx. 260, - €.
    But I advise against my workshop (he / he wants to say nothing) and he can not get that at present synonymous and if that works with an installation, he knows not synonymous.
    But with Scandix I have also seen the new part for 600, - € + 120, - € deposit (which means deposit there at all). That's a lot for a car as old as I think.

    The touchscreen of the Navi (a Kennwood device with DVD and CD changer in the trunk) hangs more often.
    Music is still running and you can also search for stations via steering wheel control. But the display is nothing more (annoying when it lights blue at night and you can turn off the Navi / Radio only)
    Also, the problem may have some more (and reset tips from the Web do not always help and unfortunately not in the long run).
    Unfortunately, I have never been able to find a replacement display on the Web.
    No dealer, not in forums, not new, not used. 🙁
    My current workshop can not help me there (statement as above).
    And I'm afraid that thing would still be very expensive. 🙁

    It's all about these devices (touch screen in the middle and below the climate control display):

  • @mac 9-5 which is the second part / problem?

  • @ Mac9-5
    You can also disable the alarm via Tech2. Then the message is gone. The immobilizer remains intact. Only the horn will not go off when the door is opened. But honestly, who cares if the horn goes off.

  • @ Joachim & Tom

    Thanks for the info / statement!
    I thought so too.
    Also suspected the workshop (not every good screwdriver is also a good service man). 🙁
    (Alarm indicates service, supposedly a battery that you can not find)

    @ cmd
    Wasn't meant badly! 🙂
    Great that you are considering that.
    Would be glad, if you would report briefly, if it should work.
    (and 1500, - $ I don't think so much - would have thought it would cost more)

  • Hi all,

    With the Missed I'm meant! And yes, I still play with the thought. Transportation to Europe costs about 1500 dollars and takes about 2 weeks. Organized by the local dealer in the USA. Only the still open question about Navi and Tacho, Saab Sweden wanted or could not answer that to me, have prevented me until now!

    • @ cmd From the experience with an American Turbo X, the Navi will not work. Whether there is an update for Europe, I doubt it, because this would have to be developed and the need for this is too low. Whether the software of a 9-5 II (German) can be uploaded, I do not think so, probably there will be special update for US vehicles (compatibility problem).

    • speedometer will probably go, with my 9-7x was the km-scale equal to it and the odometer readjusted. Usually the gm-products are also sold in Canada and there are also km.

      have already thought about it, but what do I do with the 9-7x?

  • So at least GM does not plan / want to let the brand die. I think that's positive… ..but I'm amazed.

  • Ouch ...
    ... Tom, it's mean to come to us in the current situation (and especially because of the GM attitude) with videos of the 9-4x !!! 😉 ;-(

    I was so excited about the car when I was in Bremen, but unfortunately (for the time being?) I completely buried this “dream”. 🙁

    I'm already having difficulties to get replacement or repair parts for our old 9-5 station wagon (I need 2 items, but the workshop says it doesn't get anything at the moment and it will stay that way). And then it would be far too “risky” for me to even think about such an import.
    But nice that there seem to be such “crazy people” !!! That is really “loyalty” !!! 🙂

    • We cannot confirm that with the parts for an older 9-5 station wagon - especially at Skanimport, Wuppertal, there are parts with almost no restrictions.

      • Thank you Joachim, that's the way it is. Especially for the 9-5 I the situation is good. The perceived shortage is due to other factors that I do not want to discuss in public.

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