Should the Saab bankruptcy trustees be replaced?

The four Swedish unions want to reach tomorrow, a replacement of the bankruptcy administrators Ann-Marie Pouteaux and Hans Bergqvist before the court in Vänersborg. This is reported by friends from Stockholm who have always provided reliable information. The unions are supported by a number of creditors. It is an open secret that Saab has not been satisfied with the work of the two legal advocates so far.

Saab-affiliated Swedish circles referred to the duo in the last few days in conversation and over again as overwhelmed. It is said that the complexity of the task was underestimated right from the beginning and that it was no match for the challenge of successfully running an international operating company through bankruptcy proceedings.

The unions had publicly and increasingly lamented the lack of information in recent days. That the bankruptcy trustees do not understand Saab's business even after three weeks of training and that so far the most important work has not been completed is one of the facts that is now leading to the motion. Tomorrow is according to the current laws, the last date on which a transfer is possible, we were told.

The Swedish press is now tackling the issue, Dagens Industri reports tonight on a series of bankruptcy misconduct. So it should not give a complete overview of the Saab fortune until today, and the discussions and dealing with foreign investors should have been anything but good.

This fits the statement of Rachel Pang, who submitted their proposals for securing Trollhättan before Christmas and now has to hope for a discussion within the next two weeks.

If the news is correct and the bankruptcy trustees are replaced by the court, then Saab has once again suffered a severe setback. Because we lose valuable time. The employees turn away from Trollhättan, reorient themselves. With each lost week a comeback becomes more difficult.

Can it be that Saab has so much bad luck? First an administrator who can not work together with the Saab CEO for the car manufacturer. Now a bankruptcy trustee duo that seems overwhelmed?

It is not yet confirmed, but as it comes, we remain cool and factual! We can not change anything, we are spectators in a play written by a bad author.

Tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow we will see what happens in Vanersborg.


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  • Should the theater itself continue with reinforcement (Kent Hägglund), the image of Sweden would certainly be damaged in the long term (and not only for SAAB enthusiasts) - this is probably the last chance to get an at least halfway usable result here.

    Even a period (of about 24 months was the speech) with possibly only one model under Youngman lotus would be better than no production.

    But the other interested parties who have already emerged (Indians, Turks, etc.) should now definitely be involved in comprehensive negotiations - with the increase in staff this should actually no longer be a problem and maybe this will result in a result that is better than “halfway useful ”. SAAB and everything that is connected with it worldwide deserves it!


  • …. Old Swede… 😉 You’re in a good mood! But you are right ... but unfortunately it doesn't help ...

    they are completely crazy up there ... at minus 25 degrees I could understand it ... but in the winter ...

  • blank

    And one more thing, should anyone come up with the idea, a protest wave or protest event in front of the Swedish Embassy to organize and initiate, then call me, I come immediately, in the snow or in the rain, with posters and horns and get rid of some of the pent up frustration. They would fall from every cloud

  • blank

    Simply incomprehensible and incomplete. Or are all in hibernation supported with Aquavit or Vodka, only so an explanation is possible.

    Or have we grossly overestimated these people, except for the handful of inovative and talented engineers who pulled the horses?

    Just in HR info, Obama expects that from the supports to the auto industry 20 billion
    US $ irretrievably go to the sand. Without these syringes, surely only Ford would have stayed and GM and Chrysler would be downhill!

    Even Ford would be questionable, because the suppliers went bankrupt in large numbers.

    Only Chrysler has repaid the loans and now everything is going to boom and the Americans have just now pretty loose bucks for new cars.

    Madness and because of ridiculous 20 Mil for licenses or something, you let this noble brand like a Pommesbude krepieren.

    Shame and shame on Swedish indifference and passivity. They have no idea of ​​anything.

    I hope someone can prevail there and hit with his fist on the table and do the matter professionally and profi moderately and end.

  • Slowly I have the feeling that all this was so wanted and my opinion about Sweden in this area has fallen sharply. It's not normal what's going on there and hats off that anyone else goes there to talk with these flashlights.
    A pity for such a beautiful brand ...
    I do not care if it goes on ... in the monkey theater up there ... that's ridiculous ...
    It would be a great pity for your awesome work here .... ;-(
    So ... now I drive a lap with the Saabine ...

  • blank

    Such an inability of all those involved would be unimaginable in Germany. The Swedish mentality is once again the brake on all activities. Sweden, keep sleeping ......
    Hopefully you wake up, even though the last industrial company has closed.
    Pity about everything that affects Saab.

  • blank

    Doesn't sound good somehow ...

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