Saab bankruptcy seekers seek recruitment

Update: 13.14

The dissatisfaction is great and currently it is not much fun to write about the current developments in Sweden. The bankruptcy trustee duo is now to become a trio. Kent Hägglund from the law firm DLA Nordic should strengthen the team. DLA Nordic is one of the largest law firms in Sweden.

The relevant application was filed today at the Vänersborg court. Nothing further has been known about the application of the unions and some creditors to replace the bankruptcy trustees. At the moment the trade unions in Stockholm are discussing what they want to do about bankruptcy trustees.

The clock is ticking and a Saab insider said today the exchange of bankruptcy trustees is just as useful as a hole in the head. By that he means that a new bankruptcy trustee would slow down the already very slow process even further. If things finally get going again, he adds, the Turkish investors are the favorites in Sweden.

Mahindra & Mahindra, actually the Indians with another bidder are my favorite investors, seem to have little chance. Since all buyers have to - or want to - audition at GM, you need Detroit's goodwill. India is one of the most important markets for GM, with Mahindra being a competitor. Too bad.

What I would like - and have wished for all the months - would be a noiseless process and a job that is finally showing success. Unfortunately, this request has not yet been fulfilled.

Updates on development in Trollhättan follow as soon as news is available.


3 thoughts on "Saab bankruptcy seekers seek recruitment"

  • Tom ... if they up there were only half as committed to the cool brand as you or all the other bloggers, including, of course, JMSchumacher (very personable guy) then the chimneys would certainly be smoking ... and everything would be the same ...

    Slowly I have the feeling that all this was so wanted and my opinion about Sweden in this area has fallen sharply. It's not normal what's going on there and hats off that anyone else goes there to talk with these flashlights.
    A pity for such a beautiful brand ...
    I do not care if it goes on ... in the monkey theater up there ... that's ridiculous ...
    It would be a great pity for your awesome work here .... ;-(
    So ... now I drive a lap with the Saabine ...

  • It was quite noisy for a few days, but that was not a good sign.

    For me, slowly consolidates a picture of a Swedish mentality that I did not want to admit for a long time. Sad.

    • You can say that with the Swedish mentality. I also think that the problem is fundamentally in a deep-seated "Swedish Social Democracy", which is mainly about protecting wages, holidays, evenings, overtime and weekends.
      For those who do not believe that try to get in Sweden from Saturday noon a much needed painkillers. All pharmacies (except one in Gothenburg, one in Malmö and one in Stockholm) are closed. The pharmacies in the hospitals are also closed from 16.00 clock or from Sunday noon. Whereby that does not matter anyway, without a doctor you get at most an aspirin! And only if you writhe in pain on the ground. And doctor is anyway no one there, because weekend and so socially continue, and if you have to first 500 crowns as a foreigner, just so that the doctor says he could do nothing, even before he makes himself to Ikea. Of course, they have also on the weekend, and there are so cheap Kjötbuller!
      Everything experienced itself. Tip: If you can drive Saab, over the border to Norway. There you will be helped immediately!

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