Trade unions backtrack - Hägglund interested

The unions have decided not to demand the dismissal of the two bankruptcy trustees. The decision is probably correct, since the replacement of Hans Bergqvist and Anne-Marie Pouteaux would cause much damage to the ongoing process. Darko Davidovic of IF Metal emphasized today in Stockholm that they give the duo a chance, but reserve further steps.

The discussions of the four Swedish trade unions on Saab will continue tomorrow.

The hope to speed up the ongoing process is now on Kent Hägglund, who shows great interest as the third lawyer to join the team. Hägglund is very experienced in insolvency and trademark law and in intellectual property matters. His expertise and the routine of the 1978 practicing lawyer could be helpful in negotiating with GM. Whether Hägglund really goes on board will also depend on the financial possibilities, because the liquid funds to carry out the bankruptcy seem to be very limited. However, the statements are contradictory and we should wait and see.

On Saturday and Sunday Outside Saab Meetings take place all over the world. Germany participates with Bremen, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf. Berlin is also present due to the commitment of Dirk Krinelke, so we have four German events. More information is also available on the website of the Saab Club Berlin.

Of course, also in the home of Saab, in Trollhättan a corresponding event starts. Unfortunately, the Saab Museum is closed and the lawyers can not and do not want to open without staff. But the friends of Saabsunited are up to it and the way I see it, they could do the impossible.

We keep our fingers crossed that the Saab fans will not stand in front of closed doors ...