Saab takeover: Youngman wants Saab completely

So far, everything was based on press reports, a public statement from Youngman there was no longer since the Saab bankruptcy. Youngman lawyer Johan Nylèn has now made a public confession for Saab for the first time.

Youngman is aiming for a complete Saab takeover and is currently in negotiations. The talks are in a ".. sensitive stage ..." said Nylèn today. The Chinese investors already have some rights to the PhoeniX platform and are interested in a very quick solution. Before Christmas, Rachel Pang gave the bankruptcy trustees her suggestion to continue production in Trollhättan.

In addition to Youngman, Mahindra & Mahindra, Brightwell and two Swedish investor groups are on board. Nothing more can be heard from Magna or another interested European party. Apparently our previously unnamed favorite has withdrawn. At least the insiders now know who I'm talking about.

Meanwhile, this story is too long. There has been a crisis for almost a year, which leaves its mark. Also with me. Yesterday I caught myself visiting the website of the other Swedish manufacturer. Hmm.

It's time the thing comes to an end. 2011 did not have a new car for me, though planned and desired. 2012 is about to change vehicles, one way or the other.


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  • Hi Tom,

    I am new to SAAB, come from the Swedish neighbor (even before he turned yellow), found there nothing more. My tip: Take the WAgen with the currently best design and a strong start and finish.
    I drive it since 1 month. SAAB 9-5 II. Show people solidarity and get one before maybe there will be none soon.

    We are many, everybody is one !!!

    Sincerely espori

  • One thing would interest me. It was only recently that a development company of Swan and Youngman was founded together to develop new Saab models. Is that still available or is it also in the bankruptcy estate and if not what are they doing now?

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    Do you really need the software and some (albeit a few) licenses from GM if you want to get production going in Trollhättan? The Chinese side has the so-called “deep pockets” and could change various things to get away from GM. There must be possibilities here - after all, other manufacturers also produce cars without the “help” of inflated GM would-be car builders!

    The Youngman-Lotus proposal to continue production was made after the GM blocking attitude became known - here the continuation of production without GM is likely to be considered. We would be very interested in the content of this proposal here in Hamburg.


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    I have until 12 / 2013 time, there runs out my lease. Saab will continue to exist!

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    Do it like me: For the near future, I'll have the problem from the table by buying a 9-5 Vector 1.9 TiD with great equipment, first-hand with very few kilometers. I feel very comfortable and now I have some air again until the SAAB production finally gets up and running again - and I still take it seriously - don't you? Am I too naive or too optimistic - SAAB cannot and must not go under !!!!!!

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    Hi Tom,
    do not give up! Only a cross-country skier always has the goal in mind. I'm just wondering how Youngman wants to get around GM's cliff. Whether an intervention by the Swedish government would succeed is certainly hard to say in the arrogance of this almost once insolvent brand. Maybe this week will bring a final ray of hope. Let's hope so!
    Achim naumann

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    I have Saab 9-5 Vector Tid, Bj: 2011. My concern is whether I ever get spare parts (wearing parts, brake pads or headlights, ..). I would like to buy the Saab Alufelgen 105, -19 inch next year, possibly. Is that even at all, if perhaps the 9-5 is no longer produced.
    Can someone answer my question?
    LG - Klaus

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      My next article could at least partially answer the question…. A little patience, come on. 😉

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    Unfortunately, your link shows nothing to Tini, I'm also curious;))


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    hope the chinos fight the whole thing. After all, a series with 4-5 models is more than enough. “Mini” only builds one row, right? it runs!

    From this springboard, Saab lives on, plus liftings, modern sales policies and sales, and the two-year fast is over. The smarter heads will make even better 9-5 (III) and 9-4 (II) rooms, I'm sure.

    Personally, I have not scored to the competition, but I would like to NOT stand in the future like drivers of Ro80, NSU, Wartburg, other English, etc, from other lost.

    Sonder wants to proudly continue the immensely modern CS and 900 and have an active, modern factory behind them.

    The only direction I'm looking for is to look for a spare parts carrier in the form of 9000cs with leather, etc. So I have to buy for a little money, I would be reassured if I ram somewhere.

    Thanks Tom for the always up-to-date reports, hope Saab shines forth, people worldwide are quickly forgetting the crisis, even with a model. Since the tension would be even greater and the competition would be afraid again.

    Detroit motorshow, what a bunch (except for the German racers) Korea, Taiwan, Japan, India, USA,…. to puke.

    And Tom, I've always liked Volvo for years, they're pretty, have nice bumps and great diesel engines.

    Only from the Swedes, I'm very disappointed, although I hardly know a foreign IKEA, ABBA.

    Greetings and thanks

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      Hello Tini,

      are you sure that it is available? Station wagon, all-wheel drive and the new 9-5. Would be a dream ...

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      I can not imagine that the deliverable has not been produced yet in series or I see that wrong? Had signed my order for this great car in April, for well-known reasons, I then decided for a 9-5er Occassions-Kombi, as a bridge zwar I'm extremely happy with the car but HUD, electric tailgate, rear view camera, iPhone integration etc. etc. I would like it already 😉

      Saab wants to survive!

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    Saab is Saab - no one else can match it!
    As a well-traveled sales representative, I've tried them all - including the “other Swedish brand” (non-Koenigsegg ;-)) Conclusion: Saab is at the top of my personal hit list!
    So people, keep your fingers crossed!

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    Oh, come on Tom, you know where you belong. Do not scare the reader

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    Well, you can still wait that long, if you have been waiting so long

    Your car does not mold so is a saab :-p


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      Yeah, that's understandable and goes to all of us. But everything is a compromise and not a Saab

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    Tom, you were at Koenigsegg on the homepage?
    Otherwise I don't know any other Swedish manufacturer ... 😉

    No, I have to admit, I “squint” from time to time to the “neighbor”…. I don't really like anything anymore (I used to find them nicer) ;-(

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      Of course Koenigsegg, what else?

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