Saab administrators get reinforcements

Hans Bergqvist and Anne-Marie Pouteaux will be reinforced by Kent Hägglund. On Thursday at 14: 00 clock is to be announced by the court in Vänersborg. An additional administrator will be welcome because the international structure of Saab is quite complex. Hägglund's responsibilities include the trademark rights of Saab Automobile AB, which are held by Saab AB.

There is a lot of activity behind the Swedish scenes. Ms. Pouteaux is on the road in Saab and the Western European Saab prospective customer, who yesterday I prematurely recorded as out of balance, is still in business. Which is good news for me, because my favorite is back.

No, my favorite Saab investor has not been mentioned in the press so far, which is good. For names that first come out in public are usually burned very quickly. I would also like to write more on this subject, but I think in the current situation it helps Saab to treat the matter with discretion. Because with sensational messages in the past so many a deal prematurely celebrated and then buried just as quickly.

Therefore, unfortunately there are still no definite developments, so the situation is still open in every direction. The year is still young and we actually only have the third working day of the year ... So, as always, be patient! Wasn't that the word of the year 2011?

But, the clock is inexorably ticking. Everywhere in the Saab world, for example, there is the problem of the no longer existing manufacturer's warranty. Which of course, and right now in the US, does not give a good press for the Swedes. So we urgently need positive signals. Maybe we know more next week.


6 thoughts on "Saab administrators get reinforcements"

  • blank

    … Ha ha ha…. I know who is!

    The former HORCH works in Zwickau…. very good ... let's go ...

    😉 😉

    • blank

      My guess is the NSU works ... A Saab with a rotary engine would be something too.

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    Dear Tom,

    Why is one so drawn to torture with the Western European interested parties?

    Is there perhaps a small clue (for example the branch of industry - or, if it is a retail giant, the division) to elicit?

    Greetings from Hamburg


    • blank

      I would say our Tom has a trust relationship in some circles. If he does not say anything, then we have to accept. I also prefer that and I believe what he says makes sense. The rumors of the last months were really enough.

      • Hey Tom;

        I'm reassured that the ladies and gentlemen from% &? §Øÿœ are still there (now I almost gave it away: o)

        LG Mark

        • blank

          Do not be so indiscreet

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