Saab Location: Development in England and Germany

Some things may seem unspectacular at first, but they are important. Saab GB has done it and it would be desirable for something similar to happen in Germany soon. Our well-informed friend in Stockholm hinted at such a possibility today. In England, Saab boss Charles Toosey has Saab Automobile Parts UK Ltd. founded, a 100% subsidiary of Saab Parts AB.

Saab Parts AB is fully operational and not affected by the bankruptcy of Automobile AB. Through the authorized dealer network of the new company, the 190.000 Saabs are supplied with parts on English roads. This ensures the availability of spare parts for Saab drivers in the UK in the long term.

It could also be similar in Germany and we would have a long-term perspective for our Swedish cars. The German Saab structures would be solid, and I can imagine that one or the other job could also be secured at Saab Germany.

It is still the assumption of a usually well-informed friend. It is still very quiet around Saab Germany and there are no recognizable movements in this direction… .But it would be a logical and desirable step that would consolidate the future and the Saab organization for the German-speaking area. For every possible investor and also for a Saab buyer who is looking for a used Saab or a demonstration vehicle, a valid argument.

No spectacular news, but a consolidation of the brand and its structures. And more important for everyday life than some future speculation.


One thought on "Saab Location: Development in England and Germany"

  • That's the proof that it's a world brand. Which means are necessary to rebuild something on the green field.

    These structures exist on every continent and want to continue.

    I think that the quiet and sleepy Swedes have simply misjudged who it is. Or do the Vikings think that Saab is ready for the nightclub? There are 10 times as many Saab dealers as Ikea furniture stores, no comparison yet, mass is there.

    I keep my fingers crossed and hope already with teeth crunching on the first 9-he rolls the voom band. Then the corks pop

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