What is GM planning with the Saab 9-4x?

A car company without production. Supplier liabilities that are not serviced. During this time, the development department at Saab continued according to the possibilities. In Sweden it was about the PhoeniX platform and the E-Power models. So far so good. But that a Saab 9-4x drives over German highways to get a European setup, that's another story.

Saab 9-4x, on the way with GG number plate (Rüsselsheim)
Saab 9-4x, on the way with GG number plate (Rüsselsheim)

Because the Saab 9-4x we saw was not on the Swedish contract. With the GG number we can be sure that engineers from Rüsselsheim were on board. To be on the safe side, we asked after the recordings at Saab that nothing was known about German test drives here.

Saab 9-4x with test equipment on board
Saab 9-4x with test equipment on board

Interesting the time. The recordings were made in Brandenburg No Man's Land (all Brandenburger: I apologize!) By a Saab-driving friend three weeks before the Saab bankruptcy petition. At a time when GM had long since realized that Youngman and Swedish Automobile were negotiating in Stockholm for nothing.

Saab 9-4x on the way in Brandenburg
Saab 9-4x on the way in Brandenburg

Now the question is we can not answer what GM is planning with the 9-4x. In a previous article I wrote that the Saab 9-4x is too good not to build. GM is a lot, as we know, but GM is first and foremost an association of accountants. Voting drives cost money, and you do not do anything without a reason. There are three real possibilities in my eyes. I order the likelihood, which means that the solution that I would like, unfortunately, comes only at the end.

  • The Cadillac SRX and the Saab 9-4x are identical in many things. Opel performs GM voting for the SRX. Totally unspectacular, but probably.
  • The Saab 9-4x will celebrate its Reeborn Festival as Opel Antara II with GM-typical “badge engineering”. A horrible idea, but possible.
  • GM also has a plan B. Not only Victor Muller has such things in the drawers. Maybe an investor has been stuck for a long time and GM plays a big poker game. Probably pure wishful thinking, but who knows?

Whatever happens with the Saab 9-4x, we will definitely stay tuned. Because, as I said: he is too good not to be built. Maybe you can see that in Detroit too.

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  • It's true that the Cadillac SRX is identical to the Saab.
    What is pretty clear is that the next Opel Antara is planned for 2013. But Cadillac is identical Saab Lim. Estate also with Cadillac models - see BLS; 9-3, 9-5, etc. By the way, the Saab Suv 9-4X should actually have been released since March 2012-
    But since Saab lacks money, only the essential could be realized. Allegedly there are 14 investors.
    The company owned by Spyker NL could not acquire Saab licensing rights from major shareholder GM.
    What makes GM is shit they break all brands - because they get in the US nothing more on the chain - because even struck.
    Eg Saab and Opel

  • blank

    Lie down in the vicinity of Rodgau.
    I am also on the XXXX something on the B02.01 in the way.
    Against 0355 clock
    Before I got it right he was gone and I still had to go downhill.
    I suspect that was in the test center.
    The departure would be correct.
    You can often see new cars on this route.
    Is it only in white ??

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    As SearchSaab has already written: The portfolio comparison between Opel and VW shows that there is a gap at Opel above the Antara. That could close a large SUV of the format 9-4x / SRX.
    I'm worried that Opel actually got a WSV deal from Detroit !?

  • Hello community….

    oh please don't make it a 9-4 Opel Dinsdabumsta ... and I don't hope for a plan B either!
    It is really enough that we are called for years as an Opel driver! Who would buy a SAAB now if you know that GM is still the owner !?
    So fingers crossed that it goes to India or China and will soon be tinkered with new cars!

    Have a nice evening ...

    PS: Thanks Tom for your great reporting ...

    PS2: HP ... that was definitely a test driver from GM who couldn't cope with the high class of the 9-4 and made a dent in anger ... At night of course! 🙂

  • and the “testers” obviously can't drive either. Or is my eye fooling me and there are no dents over the rear wheel arch, just unfortunate reflections? But can't be with the lines. The pulled out wheel arches were probably badly mistreated.

  • if GM would test or refine the SRX, then they would also drive around with an SRX. In contrast to the 9-4x, the car would not interest anyone here anyway and nobody would shake the camera. That the 9-4x Opel is given, I think not synonymous. The fits not at all to the mark on the one hand the price category and on the other hand the automobile class. Nobody would buy an Opel instead of a X5 or ML, which is different at Saab. The entire design would have to be turned around to the Opel model range to meet, not to mention the not-so-economical engines or the missing diesel.
    So I hope that the 9-4x for Saab is not lost yet, but only for Europe's Saab buyer is polished and will be further developed with a license. A flash instead of the griffin would be a bad insult to this beautiful car.

    One more question, Tom: What about the 9-5?

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    After all the teasing on the 9-4x, GM has probably become unsure how it could be that the 9-4x is just a good car (because they can't make any good ones themselves) and then have the whole thing over again - preferably at night so that nobody can see it - test or verify with a test drive (posthumously, so to speak). And if GM now comes to the conclusion that the 9-4x is cool and should be turned into money? Oh dear ...

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    So I have a plan B, I do not trust GM. Probably more of a know-how utilization for Opel. In the context of a badge engineering, however, one would have to bring design and quality to the brand standard of Opel.

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    Maybe the chaotic shop GM would like to have SAAB automobiles back (with so many “delicious” vehicles) - a kind of gruesome idea !!

    What are the negotiating parties doing in Stockholm? Hopefully the whole thing will finally pick up speed - here in the Hanseatic city we are hungry for the latest information ...

    Greetings from Hamburg

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      Joachim speaks to me from the soul it would be wikrlich time that this thriller comes to an end and we could finally think of cars like the 9-3 (III) and the 9-4x (II) udgl

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    No, Tom becomes spokesman with ppa at Saab Germany, or Saab-Europe.
    Let's see.

    The 9-4 “ála GG Provincial” is only proof that Saab is an absolutely established global brand, only the Swedes haven't gotten that up to now.

    Even the name alone is noble and unique.

    I really hope to read good news in a short time, this development has become a real thriller.

    Does that mean that GM has someone in the drawer, whom he would like to sell the Saab and approve the licenses. Madness, what is there.

    As already mentioned, two years with the 9-3 in 5 variants and then the end of 2013 the new 9-5 (III) and new 9-4 (II).

    And the lowcars ​​called Cantara, Antara, Badara and similar scraps are supposed to see where they end up

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    Of course, the 9-4 X will come as an Opel either as Antara B or, more likely, as a big brother of the Antara. A model below the Antara comes on Corsa base as a mocha.

    Opel - VW

    9-4 X - Tuareg

    Antara - Tiguan

    Mocca - Skoda Yeti or Polo SUV

    So it would make sense, at least steering wheels are already designed for a large Opel SUV.



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    So I'm worried that GM will release the 9-4X as an Opel in Europe

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    Old Swede ... now your reporting is also getting a slightly criminal investigative character. It's getting more and more exciting and it's so much fun to read that you almost forget that Saab is insolvent. You should really change jobs and hire a scriptwriter for a large media company ...

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