Outside Saab Meetings: Meilenwerk Stuttgart - Böblingen

In Stuttgart, Dominik Merkle will host the Outside Saab Meeting in the southwest on Sunday. He has the support of the Saab Center in Tübingen and of course the support of the blogs. I think it could be a very nice Saab event in Meilenwerk Böblingen.

Because he really did something and Dominik's commitment is worth every support. Those of the Saab fans who have time should head for Stuttgart on Sunday. Show the flag, signal support for our Swedish brand! Or just meet friends with Saab and have gas-fueled conversations ...

There is a separate website for the event with information and downloads. There are even more Saab meetings all over the world. The largest probably in the Netherlands and of course in Sweden. In Trollhättan is our friend Lars from the blog ” PhoeniX - A Future for Saab”On site and will send us some pictures. We are excited.

Text: tom@saabblog.net

5 thoughts on "Outside Saab Meetings: Meilenwerk Stuttgart - Böblingen"

  • Are in the yellow Saabrio

  • I'm so happy =)

  • I'm from Erlangen / Nuremberg A6 / A81

  • I will be at the 15.01. from the vicinity of Munich (southeast) to the Outside Saab meeting drive to Stuttgart. If there is anyone from Munich / Munich who wants to do the same thing, it would be nice if we could meet at the A8 somewhere to drive to the meeting in the Convoy. Interest?

  • … and do not forget,

    Dusseldorf and

    are looking forward to many nice encounters.

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