Saab administrator Hägglund confirmed - rescue for the museum

As announced yesterday, the court in Vänersborg today appointed Kent Hägglund co-administrator for Saab. Thus, the burden of a successful bankruptcy process now rests on three shoulders, which can only be beneficial. The proximity of Hägglund's law firm DLA Nordic to automotive supplier Magna does not regard the court as a conflict of interest.

Magna has been mentioned as a potential buyer in the past, but at the moment it has become a bit calmer around the Canadian corporation.

In Trollhättan are now the December wages in sight, which confirmed the bankruptcy trustee. The payout to Saab employees is scheduled for the beginning of next week.

The good news of the day comes from the Saab Museum. There seems a short-term solution in sight. Innovatum, based on the same site, could take over the sponsorship. Innovatum is the think tank of Trollhättan, promoted by the state and the region. Many a successful startup has started there.

Picture from better days: Advertising at the Saab Museum 2010
Picture from better days: Advertising at the Saab Museum 2010

A good solution for the museum and the cultural heritage and also the association of former Saab employees should be on board, as a friend told. Innovatum is supported by the municipality and the region of Västragötland. However, the cost of museum operation must be lowered, and I wonder where to save. Because the premises are as well as the employee base quite manageable. And old cars need permanent care and want to be moved.

It looks like the negotiations will come to a conclusion at very short notice, maybe next week. If the museum were safe, it would be a small victory for the Saab world and the Trollhättan municipality.


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    Well, let's hope that this is done with the museum clean!

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    A certain amount of discretion with regard to interested parties is appropriate - but that no more clues get through for several days is very pathetic.

    Which activities of the individual investors are planned after a possible takeover? Must the Chaotic Club GM necessarily add his mustard to every constellation? For example, could you get a new 9-3X this year? What about the convertible production?

    These are the questions that interest a customer. Here it would be appropriate if one had at least information about a certain tendency with regard to the projects of individual interested parties. Because SAAB owners in particular want to know before buying a car whether their favorite brand could be ordered or whether another make would be “under the microscope” - but maybe there will be messages in this direction as early as next week. It would be desirable.

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    Well Tom, then everything is clear for August

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    It's nice to hear about the museum. 🙂

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    At least a bright spot in these dreary days!

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