Outside Saab weekend: Stuttgart - Bremen - Berlin - Düsseldorf

Saab is alive and kicking. This is proven by the four Saab events in Germany that we have on the weekend. Our unique brand from Sweden is alive and, hey, it's time to bring the turbos up to operating temperature! Start your engine! If you have time on the week-end to be part of the big, global Saab community, you can showcase Saab for the following dates:

  • Berlin 14. January 2012 at 13: 00 clock on the grounds of the Aviation Museum Finowfurt.
  • Bremen January 14, 2012 from 13.00 p.m. at the port in Speicher XI (53.095573,8.770914)
  • Stuttgart January 15 from 13.00 p.m. at the Meilenwerk Stuttgart, Böblingen, directly on the A81 motorway, a few km south of Stuttgart.
  • Düsseldorf 15. January 2012 from 14.00 o'clock, meeting point is the Meilenwerk in Duesseldorf

Detail Information on Outside Saab Mettings, which take place in 42 countries, is available on the Outside Saab website. Allen Saab drivers and fans have fun! Keep on saabing and take care!

Text: tom@saabblog.net

2 thoughts on "Outside Saab weekend: Stuttgart - Bremen - Berlin - Düsseldorf"

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    Hello Saabists, I wish you viiiel fun today, I drive tomorrow from Switzerland to Stuttgart. What you all do for his favorite brand :-).
    I really hope that many Saab drivers come and show the managers that the brand is something special. Go for Saab !!!

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    Thanks for the update !
    What about the environmental zone near Stuttgart? Can I get there with my yellow sticker?

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