Outside Saab meeting - Bremen

After the weather had not meant it so well the last few days, on Saturday the sun showed up for a while and accompanied a nice and very harmonious meeting in the north of Germany.

Outside Saab meeting Bremen
Outside Saab meeting Bremen

From 13 clock, some Saab friends wanted to be part of a worldwide campaign for Saab. An action that should show that there is still life in Saab. An action that should show that Saab still has something special. And so it was in Bremen. Although a casual meeting was planned only from 13 clock, the first appeared shortly after 12 clock.

Outside Saab meeting Bremen
Outside Saab meeting Bremen

During the day there were more and more. In the end, 70 brought people to 47 vehicles to Bremen. Including license plates from Kiel, Pinneberg, Hamburg or Hanover. The model range ranged from Saab 900 of the first generation on Saab 900 second generation, Saab 9 3 both generations, Saab 9000, Saab 9 5 all variants up to the Saab 9 7X.

Outside Saab meeting Bremen
Outside Saab meeting Bremen

There was a lot of talk, laugh or talk shop. And that also regardless of which year the car was. The community idea was omnipresent. We are many, we are Saab - the German north greets Trollhättan!

Text: Andrè Braß

5 thoughts on "Outside Saab meeting - Bremen"

  • jep, was a lot of fun

  • A double G license plate was also there ;-).

  • The meeting was my “premiere” with the SAAB Stammtisch Hannover-Braunschweig. What is unthinkable in football works wonderfully with SAAB, meeting at the Allertal motorway service station and traveling together. In Bremen meeting with many other SAA members! The meeting definitely made you want more! 🙂

    I saw my first 9-5 II on the street! With German registration! A great car.

    Thanks to the organizers!

  • That was a dream meeting, you couldn't have described it better. You "only" "overlooked" the participant from Unna in your list ...
    Thank you.

  • 🙁 And I sit at the desk all the time…. 🙁

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