Fear for the Saabmuseum Trollhättan

Our Swedish friends are still confident that the acquisition of the Saab Museum by Innovatum will succeed. Currently, the bankruptcy trustees have posted a list of vehicles on the web, and frankly, my heart is bleeding. The complete and unique Saab history, from Ursaab to the first current Saab 9-5, is up for sale. Vehicles and prototypes are there, which so far only a few of us have seen. Bids are up to 20. January, the formalities can also be retrieved on the page of the law firm Delphi.

A thing that makes you sad. It's not that Saab fans from all over the world have not already tried to save the museum. The friends of Saabsunited have launched an initiative, and a lot has been done in Germany, but without any real success. In the meantime, I think, the window of opportunity for each initiative is too narrow, we have to hope and wait.

Why the Swedes so carelessly deal with their historical past is incomprehensible. A good friend said today that this would be unimaginable in Germany.

How is it going? If it were a German compulsory auction, then a complete bid would be preferred to the individual bids. Whether it is in Sweden, is questionable. Nothing in the documents of the insolvency administrator.

Let's wait. We have practice in that ...

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  • ... the guys from Dresden are really awesome ...

    let's go ... be there ...

  • Thank you for the praise. A short update:

    The Rescue Saab Team today wrote an email to Paul Akerlund, Peter Backstrom and Tore Helmersson. It offered help from Germany. Together with the mobile forum Dresden, the blog of Dirk Krinelke and with our blog you would be ready to do anything that works. There is no reaction yet.

    This is only a short update and a very big thank you from me to Michael Hesse from the mobile forum who seems to have endless energy ...

    As far as the current status

  • Hi
    I have an idea!
    There is solidarity around the world for Saab, and Tom has kept us up to date so well over the last few months that this would probably be an opportunity for all to save the museum!
    We are founding a Saab Museums Club!
    For that, we needed the fast, a Saab Museum Club account and maybe this under the patronage of Tom or maybe the Rescue Saab team (remember the deadline)!
    Over 20 Saab friends and clubs registered for the last worldwide campaign!
    Club contribution per year € 100 / should this be enough for the receipt?
    And if Tom were nice enough to do that, then we would have solved the problem!
    No one wants these vehicles to disappear in all directions and become out of reach for us normal mortals!
    No one has led us (in German-speaking countries) through this terrible time as well as Tom!
    What do you think (worldwide)?
    We must act!

  • ... be happy Dirk ... you get really sick !!!!

    with me it went ... SORRY! especially all the prototypes ... AERO X a MAHNSINN !!!!!

  • The link to the vehicle list does not work !?

  • What money? VM doesn't have any… Just visions, we've had enough of them 🙁

  • I wonder why a new investor might not also like to have the museum if he continues to run SAAB. Would be a nice gimmick.

    And then I ask myself again, why the Swedish state does not do anything again. But presumably, after the piece-sale, two ministers from Stockholm come to express their solidarity.

    And what I also ask myself: why isn't VM buying the museum. If he couldn't save SAAB, why not immortalize himself in this way.

  • Yeah folks it's sad. But with the best will in the world I can't understand why some of them go crazy ...

  • Hello

    I saw the new Chevrolet Capitva today. I wish it was a Saab 9-4x: _ (

  • Hey tom ...
    ... would be an alternative! 🙂 Or TATRA 613 🙂

  • Hello Dude, the Cadillac BLS is completely based on the Saab 9-3 II. It ran from 2007 to
    Center 2009 in Trollhättan from the Saab bands. The car was mainly in Europe
    sold, but became a huge flop! Until the end of production, only about 7.300 copies were made. A pity, because this car was actually quite good.

  • that will probably be the best blog RENAULT ever had !!!

    I also just looked through the list…. so if that is scattered in some garages and not made a cultural heritage ... then good night !!!

  • People! the cars can not do anything and the stewards are not! could we do something? buy a museum saab and leave in Sweden?

  • Alex, Tom will then make an AVANTIME blog for you ...

  • We are only a little active on Facebook ... unfortunately, but summer is coming ... :-)
    ... whether I still drive SAAB ... that remains to be seen ... 😉

    oh yes ... the card ... 😉

  • Hi Alex
    What is the Saab community doing the last exit?
    Mail me - you have my card.

  • It can't all be true ...

    GM and SAAB back and forth ... but I don't understand that they don't understand how to come to peace with the fans and drivers!

    I can only join F-RU ... it is getting really embarrassing to drive SAAB!

    As well as it may do me, but when that happens and these sleepy idiots up there (sorry) I really sell it, I SAAB signs on my Saabine and rename it !!!

    A new SAAB doesn't come under my bum 100% ... then it will be something from France ... AVANTIME ... very different and just as rare as a SAAB ... but at least they stand by their brand and history ...

    The very last….

    Sorry Tom ... you know that I have a little SAA tit, but that's too much!

  • I just looked at this “scratch paper”
    - it's just a SHAME !!!!!

  • The Cadillac BLS is a badly made-up SAAB 9-3. GM had committed SAAB to develop this model (sedan and station wagon). After the flop, SAAB, as expected, was left at the expense of this unnecessary adventure. GM then criticized the resulting lack of profitability and…. we know how the story goes on.

  • Dude,
    as far as I know, the model was developed by Saab. Taking a closer look at this car, there are large parts of the interior (except for the upper part of the dashboard) and also on the outside, a SAAB 9-3. The best way to see this is the station wagon. Unfortunately, this flop was counted as SAAB losses, so my info.

    PS: I no longer understand the Swedes. They have been my role model for a very long time. This is not how you deal with your story. But maybe the still outstanding miracle is happening.

  • The SAAB is on the brink and may go under, I've now largely digested ... if I still have hope.

    Now that this unspeakable list of the museum and thus a sellout of the same exists, is an indigestible low blow. If it actually comes to the fact that the museum is smashed, my enthusiasm for our small fine Swedish alternative is at the end.

    I never want to hear from VM again how he claims the current situation of SAAB is “so unnecessary”. VM and the entire management team have failed to protect SAAB's much invoked past in the past few years from access by creditors in the event of bankruptcy.

    Without the past in the form of the SAAB Museum, there will be no future for SAAB.

    Every group with an interest in SAAB can now win the hearts of the worldwide SAAB enthusiasts with a manageable effort ... (Did you hear that in China, Turkey, Canada, India, Wolfsburg, Munich or, if necessary, Detroit? )

  • The list is awesome. Everything is offered that has made history in any way or not .. which brings us to the topic. The 9-2, 9-6 and the biggest slip-up 9-7 story they can sell for all I care. But they are also part of it, also has a nice comparison .. look here: Real Saab and GM wanted Saab ... mhh .. 😉
    But this misstep on page 86. What's that supposed to mean? Why does the museum have a Cadillac there? Am I not up to date, did Saab also have shares in the BLS or were they tricked into having shares? Mysterious. In any case, I got the gall when I saw that '!

  • I almost had tears in my eyes when looking at the inventory list.

  • The cars, they were great, they are great and they would continue to be great, but the people who build them and people who live there are new pages in the book.

    I used to say who really wants to get to know the country and people, he does not travel on the tourist bus, but ends up in the hospital, at the police, in the prison, in the school, in the suburbs, etc. That's the way it is here, we're learning the best Car manufacturers know through the small back door, what a madness.

    “Not imaginable in Germany” that is the statement
    and counter-statement.

    Slowly, as I slowly get to know the country and its people, I slowly sell or scrape my beloved Saabis. A fifth on which I threw an eye, I leave for the time being. I'm disappointed

  • ... something really hurts ...

    Let's hope the Innovatum complete offer will be enough to keep this unique collection together and continue to be open to the public!

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