Concerns about the Saab Museum - continued

Sometimes it's hard to write because times are frustrating for Saab fans. Yesterday and today many calls and mails about the Saab Museum came to me. My answer: too late. On Friday at 12: 00 PM is deadline for bidding and I fear that the sum of the individual bids will exceed the value of the single bid of the innovation.

Now at the last minute try some Saab fans from Germany to turn the fate. The actions are honorable but the chances are minimal. Although the bankruptcy trustees have the opportunity to cancel the auction at the last minute. It is unlikely that this will happen. Destiny can only be reversed if you travel to Sweden with your money suitcase.

Why is the auction now and why with such a short time? The answer is simple: liquidity. Bankruptcy administrators urgently need money to continue the process. Therefore, the idea to finish 100 new Saabs and sell. This good idea failed because of the unions. So now on the list: the museum.

The only question is why politics does nothing. For Sweden it is an indictment. A country that claims to be proud of its industrial heritage simply makes this unique collection of Swedish engineering art disappear. Some members of the Swedish Reichstag seem to have woken up. Currently there is a request to the Ministry of Culture. Stockholm will probably not touch Saab for months, as it has for months.

Is there a hope? Yes, because there is still Paul Akerlund, the militant mayor of the municipality Trollhättan. He still keeps himself covered, but the former Saab and union man will not give up the museum without a fight. Too big is its importance for the city, culture and tourism.

Starting an activity from Germany is almost hopeless. The time factor works against us. Dismissing your own bids on one or the other Museum Sabah, dangerous. Because a very high bid on a single vehicle endangers the complete sale. Readers among us, with a million worth of wealth, could now take action. I am happy to arrange a discreet and direct line to Sweden. Complete bid, please!

Everyone else who is still not millionaire or still working on it should stay cool and wait. As always.


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  • ... if a request is made to the Ministry of Culture now, one can only ask whether the MPs slept well. And Paul Akerlund also says that he is currently waiting. Let's hope that he was given the opportunity to be the last to submit a full bid.

  • So I was at the Saab Festival in Trollhättan in 2010 and also had the honor of getting an autograph from Erik Carlsson and having a nice chat because I experienced what the Saab Spirit is. It's a shame that everything should now be sold ...............



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    I am not sad, I am deeply shocked! The list of vehicles is a single tragedy! I was in Trollhättan two years ago and did not manage to get my ass into the museum, it was actually planned this year. Well, it will probably be too late for that.

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    Why is this world-famous and recognized museum of no importance to the politicians in Sweden? It is simply inexplicable and one inevitably comes to the conclusion that the Swedish politicians are mentally even more flattened than in Germany. I find the behavior scandalous and meanwhile I don't understand the Swedish population anymore - why not get angry at such incompetent and disinterested people.

    I am already like some other blog participants: The whole of Sweden is in terms of image also in my eyes on a new low. Too bad that one had to experience such a disappointment.


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    yes unfortunately it is so, the millions are not yet on their own account, it is already frustrating to have to watch the whole idle!

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