The Saab 9-4x - what does Steven Wade and Life with Saab do!

Our article about the Saab 9-4x with Rüsselsheim license plate went around the world. What proves, among other things, that the brand still arouses the interest of the media and readers. First in the Saab blogs, then in the motor press. Cars UK has the 9-4x as Vauxhall portrayed (horrible) and even in the Swedish Auto-Motor-Sport the article did it. Not bad, because there we are in good company.

Saab blogger legend Steven Wade, whose style and objectivity I miss since he's no longer writing for Inside Saab, has published an absolutely worth reading article there. His assessment of the Saab situation, the way into the abyss, enriched with background knowledge and insights. He writes how small mistakes can have a big impact and ultimately lead to the end of a small, innovative, Swedish company.

On his new blog, he has published the article about Saab in English, for those whose Swedish is not quite as solid, it is recommended to read there.

Steven also writes about Saabs on his "Sweadology", but not only. Unfortunately. It's definitely worth taking a look at Swade!

Saab is not doing well, the fate of the Swedes is more uncertain than ever. But the blog scene is growing and growing. Perhaps it is also the success of Saabsunited, but it is definitely the love for the brand from Trollhättan. Life with Saab has been around for over a year and I think some of the author's articles and opinions are worth reading.

For those who do not know the blog yet and who can not get enough of Saab all day.