Saab sale update - delegation on the way to China

How to live in exciting times. Especially around Saab it is and remains highly dramatic and we are very close. Currently, the Swedish media complain that it is progressing very slowly. Which is not quite true, because behind the scenes, Saab re-emerges and I would say our Swedish patient is surprisingly alive considering the circumstances.

Maybe in the next few days we will be able to publish more information about life behind the scenes. Currently, it's about the investors and the progress in Sweden. It is difficult to say how many bidders with a chance of success are still in the race. If we sort out the adventurers and speculators, only three possible buyers remain. For one thing, Youngman is still there and a high-ranking Swedish delegation is on its way to China in those minutes. Youngman is persistent and the interest of Rachel Pang is huge, even with GM is confident to get permission to build the Saab 9-3 Griffin.

The Turkish investors around Brightwell also see an agreement with GM and stress tirelessly and prayerfully the loyalty to the location Trollhättan. Presumably, though not sure, Brightwell would not only want to build the Saab 9-3, but also the Saab 9-5 and the 9-4x.

Which would make a big difference between these two investors. Youngman wants to winter with the Saab 9-3 and little production, an idea that has charm. Brightwell could secure more production and thus more jobs. There are also differences in mentality. Turks versus Chinese? What would be better?

What I do not like about Brightwell is the apparent closeness to Victor Muller, but I could be wrong too.

Our third investor, nameless in public, takes a different course. Last week, I already wrote that he does not need GM licenses, and so it is. Nevertheless, he would provide for a high utilization of the work in the stablebacka, for many jobs and for a solid financing.

Three investors and many questions that nobody can answer at the moment. There is a lot of movement around our unique Swedish brand at the moment. How the bidding race will end, the Swedes will decide. This raises the question of whether we know them at all, our Swedes and their mentality.

Together with a good friend, I tried to analyze the background of some decisions about Saab. On the subject of Sweden - being and appearing - we are writing an article that will not be easy. But exciting. More to come soon.


4 thoughts on "Saab sale update - delegation on the way to China"

  • For my part, I would suspect the former Createur d'Automobile to be behind it.

    He has been trying for years in the upper class to gain a foothold, but he really does not succeed. It could work out with an independent brand like Saab. Well, they would not need GM at all!

    Well, nothing is known exactly, all just speculation. The main thing is that in the end SAAB is preserved.

  • If it's not Magna with external production then ... but it would at least be exciting to know whether he only wants the factory or also revive Saab. Maybe at least this hint?

  • blank

    Hmmm, I'm curious about the “unknown” European too.
    I couldn't think of anyone who absolutely needed Saab ...

    It doesn't matter, the main thing is that someone still keeps Saab alive (or then again), continues to build Swedish cars with a Griffin, is also allowed to use the stupid GM licenses ... and finally brings the 9-4x onto the German roads !!!!!! 😉

  • blank

    But slowly things get mystical with the third “nameless” investor. A figure of light who lets our brand live, wants to build SAAB vehicles, is solidly financed and - does not need GM licenses - ?! Who could that be if not GM itself ?!
    Greetings from Koblenz

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