It gets lonely around Ex Saab CEO Victor Muller ...

Former Saab CEO Victor Muller is the last man aboard the former Saab mother Swedish Automobile. Hans Hugenholtz, Maurizio La Noce and Alex Roepers have left the SWAN board. Likewise, Rob Schuijt, former CFO at Saab, said goodbye to Swedish Automobile.

No real loss, at least for us. Because SWAN is history for Saab. With the work for the car manufacturer and probably as a premium for a dormant production at Saab, the SWAN Board of Directors has paid millions as bonuses and allowances. As a result of this activity, we now see Saab employees largely without work.

Muller is now alone with SWAN, but expects new candidates that he wants to appoint to the board. Currently, sales negotiations are still underway to give the ailing sports car manufacturer Spyker to an investor. But it could also be, Muller said in a statement that they will keep Spyker and after the loss of Saab will buy more companies.

Gone are the former board members due to financial differences and a Swedish source said that the plan B, or D, had not worked. Presumably, Muller still hoped to take advantage of the former contracts with GM and Saab. This bill, however, did not work out. The bankruptcy petition brought everything back to zero.

We'll hear from Muller again, that's for sure. His friend Antonov, if he is still his friend, wants to build supercars again, when he has recovered from the loss of his banks. Certainly he needs an eloquent, telegenic visionary.


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  • A question that I have asked in the blog before and to which I got no answer: It was in the fall of last year, a joint venture, a development company of Saab or SWAN and Youngman newly founded to develop new Saab models. What has become of this new joint company? Has she gone to the bankruptcy estate or is there still one and if so what are they doing now?

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