Rescue Saab - Letter to save the Saab Museum

Rescue Saab has fought for Saab in the past and has done a lot for Saab. Well, in the proverbial last minute you will be active again and offer our help to save the Saab Museum. The letter was sent yesterday by mail to Paul Akerlund, Mayor of Trollhättan, Peter Backström of the Saab Museum and Tore Helmersson of Innovatum.

To keep the Saab community informed, we are releasing the letter with the permission of Rescue Saab.

Dear Sir or Madam.

As published in the media, we have learned about your bidding consortium
“Innovatum” concerning the planned disposal of Saab Museum Trollhättan.

As authorized Saab dealers' organization “mobilforum Saab Dresden / Germany”
and as originators of the worldwide “Rescue Saab” initiative, we are
seriously interested in the preservation of the Saab Museum in Trollhättan
and are very glad to hear about the existence of a consortium such as yours.

We would like to offer you the following support:

Thanks to our “Rescue Saab” Internet initiative with more than 20,000
registered Saab owners and lovers as well as our partners, including
“Verein SAAB-REISEN” and SaabBlog Germany, we dispose of measures and means
to communicate your bidding to a large public, which could raise
attention and create some kind of pressure.

Via our “Rescue Saab” newsletter, we would also like to communicate your
donation form for the museum's preservation as well as an invitation to join
your consortium as a new member.

We would like to offer you our reliable and well-accepted internet platform
the communicative support promoting and spreading word of your bidding
consortium. Furthermore, we would forward all serious or financial inquiries
to you. Our offer is free of charge because of the preservation of Saab's
tradition, at least in terms of a museum, is a matter of our heart.


Kind regards,
Michael Hesse, CEO mobilforum Saab Dresden / Germany
Patron of the Rescue Saab initiative