The (possible) Youngman offer

In the press and about friends from Sweden come the first details about the offer of Saab prospective Youngman. A version of it published today Dagens Industri, in the past, however, not always well informed to 100%. We should therefore take it with caution, nothing is confirmed, some speculative in my eyes. Youngman plans to submit a full tender offer to Saab over 5 billion krona next week to the bankruptcy trustees.

That is, after the current exchange rate more than 550 million €, a lot of money. More money than in the current state would probably bring the retail sale. And more money than the Saab liabilities amount to. A sure politically motivated offer that can not be rejected.

Because you definitely want Saab, at all costs. The bankruptcy trustees will get into heavy seas if they don't want to accept Youngman as a buyer. That is Rachel Pang's plan. It becomes interesting what the other interested parties will say about it. Brightwell will have a problem with this offer and even our nameless prospect will first think about it. Although he could easily keep up ...

The resumption of production in Trollhättan is promised 15 weeks after the completion of the purchase. What I think is very ambitious and also unrealistic. Because, now comes the highly speculative part, one plans a Saab 9-3 production without GM licenses.

GM-related parts, such as engines and transmissions, are replaced with components from other manufacturers. No, I would not mourn GM, the sympathy for the gentlemen in Detroit has not grown with us all over the years.

But the components used were reliable and with know how from Sweden were really good turbo engines. How realistic it is to replace the engines in a short time is the one question. Whoever comes into question as a new component supplier comes next. But, maybe there's been such planning behind the gates in Sweden for a long time, Saab was always good for a surprise.

Rachel Pang has submitted vigorously. If the offer comes in this form in the next few days, then it will be difficult for other interested parties. For the suppliers in Sweden a very good signal. Because, the liabilities would be fully paid, a production start would be in sight.

Let's stay calm. Too often in recent months, fantastic news has gone through the press. Too often, they were sacrificed to political interests. Because in Sweden everything is possible.


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  • Which surprises me a little. With the Youngman Chinese, GM bitches around because of the technology, platform, etc., but they pass their platform technology (Epsilon 2 - Platform) on to their joint venture partner SAIC and their brand ROEWE (formerly Rover) without hesitation. GM is apparently not afraid that the Chinese will copy their technology.

  • Think to get the current 9.3 free of GM, could succeed. A few fantasies:

    1) Saab has already run attempts to install BMW engines in the current 9.3 because they knew the new one would not be on the road so quickly and the old one would have to be thoroughly refreshed. New front, rear and BMW engines in - nobody can call that a facelift.

    2) Youngman as a Chinese is simply clever Chinese and buys the missing components from the buyer of the old Pre Facelift models. And he is, as we all know, Chinese too. If that is politically motivated with Saab, China is going to round it up.

    Nonsense, interesting what?

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    I finally welcome good news about Saab. I welcome the offer from Youngman very much and actually I could be satisfied with finally finding a buyer for Saab. But anyway I think that I am selling to a European investor for more meaningful As a result, I hope that the two other interested parties stay tuned to the topic of Saab and follow suit with the bid for the purchase of Saab.
    Also, I would be interested to know who the secret full unknown investor / entrepreneur ect. is! Maybe a European car company? Maybe soagar a German? This would also be happy / interest me, because I think everyone wants to know who the certain unknown is the one for our (favorite) brand with argues.

    Or not ?

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    When Youngman pulls it off and actually makes old SAABs in Trollhättan, I'm looking forward to the long faces in Detroit.
    I am sure that there are many SAAB employees who work with joy and pressure on the post-development of the missing components.

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    Hi Tom,
    if the belief in the good triumphs (hopefully with a pro) you would have done a great job!

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    Well, it should move only very fast, the deadline with the museum expires tomorrow. If that could even take a positive turn.
    Now the address to make offers, even on the start page of t-online, so that even the last heard.
    I would like to be pleasantly surprised.

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      Why does not YM buy the museum? ^^

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    It would be nice if the Chinese government, in case GM still gets in the way, would make life difficult for Americans. (Import stop for GM products, etc.) In their business, it would be an appropriate answer. GO SAAB !!!

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    Let's hope that the minefield of GM licenses around Trollhättan was thoroughly studied in this plan!

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    The question is probably less whether the nameless one could keep up, and more whether he sees such a worthwhile investment in SAAB. After all, he could probably deliver more simple engines and transmissions from the company's own shelf - Youngman would have to go on a shopping spree again. And engines and transmissions are things you should be careful about when trading, after all this is core automotive technology - unlike the GM fuel filler caps on the 9-3, for example

    After all, someone is moving now ... so far it all seemed a lot like a Swedish Mikado ...

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      Dear Phibo,

      There are certainly companies around the world that would supply Youngman-Lotus with important components (engines, drive units, etc.) for the 9-3 production - especially since one would smell a really good and long-term business with the so-called deep pockets of the Chinese!

      Later deliveries for 9-2, 9-4X, 9-5 etc. not excluded ...

      I assume that behind the scenes already discussions with corporations have run.

      GM would then finally have to say goodbye to its role as a big patron - this was a huge mistake anyway!

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        Agree with Joachim… .. Lotus is the English sports car manufacturer with CEO Dany Bahar

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    "just crazy"

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    that would finally be good news that everyone involved would have earned ... it will also be interesting how the other bidders will behave ... or to what extent you will get out of cover and bid aggressively

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      The price is hot…. VM would have made a great cut if he had sold SAAB for the price. The bidders are likely to row back.

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        Should the unknown third party really be the FIAT group, one should not expect a back row.

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          FIAT? Do not sell Chryslers as Lancias? Anyone who is so unrestrained can also sell GMs as SAABs.

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          it will certainly be Renault. The build no upper class (or better middle upper class), I do not sell synonymous worldwide. I could imagine that.
          As far as I know Renault builds most of its engines themselves.
          You could borrow some platforms eg from the Clio for a 9-1?
          Fiat is it I do not think they are already quite big (Fiat, Lancia, Chrysler, Alfa, Maserati, Ferrari) so actually have everything covered.
          We will see….

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            RN has Infiniti, which has recently been introduced in Europe ... But I can't imagine another company now ... Although I have a bit of a stomachache with the R in RN when you see what has become of the N's since the RN era ...; (

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