Brightwell also wants to make an offer for Saab

After announcing the Youngman offer, which is quite high, I thought Brightwell would retire. Wrong thought. Zamier Ahmed of Brightwell Holding said in a telephone interview to Bloomberg today that plans are in the offing for a full Saab offer. With that, we'll definitely have two buyers bidding for Saab next week.

Unlike Youngman, Brightwell hopes to build GM licenses to build Saab 9-5 and Saab 9-4x. Youngman, however, seems to be able to do without GM completely.

Rachel Pang made strong today with just over € 550 million. A “Beauty Contest” is currently running in China in which Youngman wants to present himself to the Swedish delegation as an optimal investor.

Brightwell will follow suit, with an offer that has to be higher and a concept that has to be better than the Chinese. Now comes the exciting question of whether our third investor will also go public and participate. Or whether you disembark and put the Saab story on file.

The Saab brand is more interesting to buyers than you think. That's good. The next days will be exciting. We stay tuned.


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  • After this news, it remains to be seen who of the alleged investors apart from Youngman is still seriously interested in Saab ... after GM apparently refuses to grant any investor a license ......... Brightwell should not have expected that ... and this circumstance should Youngman and a supposedly interested Western European automakers will probably find it easier to cope with this …………….

  • Ultimately, it's all about who has the so-called deepest pockets (the Swedish administration should see that too) - I suspect that both Youngman-Lotus and the previously invisible third party could easily stand up to the Turkish investors.

    It remains to be seen if no. 3 will compete.

  • Incidentally, the manufacturers of these bodies employ tens of thousands of employees, pay taxes and social security contributions, make a significant contribution to GDP and, among other things, finance the roads that you can hopefully use to satisfy your Saab. That only incidentally.

    Greetings from a very satisfied white-blue propeller driver who was already allowed to enjoy Swedish products.

  • hie,
    slowly the circle seems to close. Youngman actually seems seriously interested in car production without GM licenses. As you can hear (quote below from the Life with Saab platform), Youngman recalled the Fiat GM Powetrain project, where they developed a diesel engine together and then split up in the dispute.

    “Earlier it has been mentioned that Youngman would like to source engines from an Italian supplier, which could point to Fiat. The diesel engines Saab currently use were developed by a Fiat and GM joint-venture, which would make Fiat diesels easier to adopt to the Saab 9-3. "

    In the end, one can perhaps hope for a current “silent” Youngman / Fiat cooperation in which both sides benefit. This could also explain the reluctance of the “third party”.
    Youngman puts the remaining interested parties under pressure with the rumored 550 Mill. EUR offer. As one reads, the existing liabilities would be almost replaced. Even if now Brightwell joins with state support, the thing has a flaw. The Brightwell people have Victor Muller in the boat. Curious how this affects the view of the Swedish administrators.
    Greetings from Koblenz.

  • I read the reports about SAAB every day and now the whole thing is as exciting as a thriller by Henning Mankell or Stieg Larsson. I very much wish that SAAB will continue, because this is also the first car that has aroused real emotions in me. My first Swedish car wasn't bad either, but it wasn't a SAAB.

    Incidentally, I would like to mention that the bodies with 4 rings and the white-blue propeller about 50 KM distance from me go off the line, but I would not get me either.

    Greetings Ralf from Bavaria

  • Now it gets really exciting.

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