Saab Lage in Germany - Departure in the right direction!

Something is happening at Saab Germany! In the phone calls and conversations of the last few days I could feel the enthusiasm and energy that reigns behind closed doors. Kind of a combative mood, hard to pin down but good to feel.

Good for us, the customers and Saab drivers! Saab Country Director Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher is still on board and continues to work with verve for our brand. A, I think, important support, which ensures the much needed continuity even in these turbulent times.

The first result on the way to the future: The supply of spare parts is now placed on a new, secure foundation. Because with the bankruptcy opening on 19. December, the existing partner and service contracts have become invalid. Saab now offers German dealers agreements that can initially be temporarily closed directly with Saab Automobile AB in Nyköping. In addition, they are working hard on new and sustainable structures to ensure the supply of spare parts to Saab customers in the future, but only when the necessary facts have been created.

In the first discussions, I was told, the majority of Saab partners received mostly positive, happy feedback. Many Saab dealers and service companies will remain with us. Saab Parts AB, not affected by the bankruptcy in Sweden, offers the usual guarantee on original spare parts.

Saab Aftersales Manager Michael Helfer is still on board in Frankfurt. I met Michael on the dealer tour and on the drive to Trollhättan. He has a lot of knowledge about Saab technology, and I'm personally very pleased that he continues to support the brand with the griffin. A Saabmann is just a Saabmann. His departure would have been an irreplaceable loss for us.

So Saab doesn't just live in Sweden and not just with the fans. The company is reorganizing itself and a breath of fresh air is blowing through the offices everywhere. Important questions, such as the guarantee on new vehicles and goodwill regulations, are still open. Hard work is being done on this in Sweden and Germany. Should Saab one day rise from the ashes like the Phoenix, the structures and a professional and highly motivated team would be in place.

There is still a long way to go. But the first steps have been taken, the structures are consolidating. Good news !

We, the Saab Community and the Saab partners, benefit from it.


10 thoughts on "Saab Lage in Germany - Departure in the right direction!"

  • Hi Tom,

    After such a long dry spell finally a touch of hope for the worst affected and of course for us. Keep it up, we need and want good news. Greetings from Saxony

  • shouldn't it mean better… “rise from the ashes with the phoenix (platform)….

    • blank

      Above all: that was already said to be very effective in the media, about a year ago, when Saab seemed saved. But this time you should think of something else in order to remain credible ...

      • blank

        Tom is already working on a new slogan 😉

        • blank

          at the latest when he is on the payroll of Saab in a two-month period. Right, Tom? 😉

          • blank

            As a precautionary measure, I deny ...…

  • blank

    As a reward for this nervous thriller, which has now been going on for years, I will - when it comes to that - order a new Saab. Even if it is not budgeted for - it just has to be ...

  • blank

    Because of SAAB is dead! Swedes never give up!


  • blank

    Respect! Saab is back, at least somehow. Keep it up and turbo in!

  • blank

    These are the messages we have been waiting for lately.
    This is the team SAAB needs. JPS go for it !!

    Luckily, the configurator still funzt. So you can ever put together the Ü-Saab.

    LG Mark

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