GM says No! On principle and for everyone ...

The Swedish delegation has now returned from China and what friends say sounds good. Youngman has very impressively demonstrated interest in Saab and will make a definitive offer. Youngman is currently the favorite as a possible new Saab owner in Sweden. The final offer amount is still unclear. As I wrote yesterday, the aforementioned 5 billion crowns are to be viewed with reservations. Because Youngman still doesn't have all the information the bankruptcy trustees need.

Absolute clarity now prevails over General Motors. Finally, even if it is not as we wish. Jonas Fröberg, the Saab fan and insider at Svenska Dagbladet, spoke with GM Press Secretary James Cain yesterday. Definitely, Detroit will no longer grant licenses for the Saab 9-4x or Saab 9-5. So some dreams are now finally buried. GM does not care who the buyer is. Whether from China Turkey or Central Europe. GM does not like them all.

Why ? Jonas Fröberg finds three possible explanations. For one thing, GM, a state-owned company, could be under political pressure. On the other hand, one could try to save the dwindling Opel ship. Because, says Fröberg, Opel wants to become a premium in order to generate more revenue. Saab would be a real competition there.

However, probably the South Pole will defrost faster than Opel Premium, so my opinion. The third possibility sees Fröberg in the statement that GM is simply tired of negotiating further on the Saab topic.

The truth will be a mixture of all three conjectures. The scenario around the Saab 9-3 is still unclear. The 9-3 is burdened only a little GM and Youngman wants to build the 9-3 Griffin without GM components. This decision is probably the only viable way to see another car production in Trollhättan.

How Brightwell responds to the clear message from the US is not yet known. The Americans see, this is also the current policy towards China, economy apparently and again as a form of warfare. Saab pays part of the bill, which also has the advantage that we can finally put the annoying GM issue on file. Well, now for good. Good bye GM!

It is and remains exciting. Tomorrow there will be a press conference of the insolvency administrators. Probably then opens the official bidder race. That's the conjecture of Jonas Fröberg and mine too.

And, as Fröberg wrote today in Svenska Dagbladet. It is the message we want to hear. So that it finally goes on and the matter picks up speed. We stay tuned.


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  • I hope for all SAAB employees, that it continues in Trollhättan with the car industry. Presumably there will be staff cuts, but that would have to be accepted temporarily. This solution would be better than flattening everything.
    The question is really what happens with the 9-4 and 9-5. Visually I like the cars from the outside already. Inside, it has the bland connotation that, for example, the steering wheel can also be found in an Opel or Chevrolet.
    Perhaps the new owner will actually be able to put a GM-free 9-4 or 9-5 on the wheels in a few years. As long as the know-how in Trollhättan is not lost ...
    One thing is for sure, GM and their affiliated car brands will continue to lose sympathy, at least in Scandinavia and I suspect also in their own country (there is also a SAAB community there) and I cannot imagine that GM can do it with a different logo (e.g. Blitz) to find many fans on the 9-4. And Opel as a premium brand ... ... the frame has to fit so that the image inside appears to be of higher quality. In my opinion, the main problem in Rüsselsheim is how to deal with the words guarantee and goodwill, which I notice every day in my “company car”.

  • So if Youngman wants to build the 9-3 without GM, I think that's SUPER.
    Is it just the question of which parts are there and from which manufacturer could be delivered then?

    I just hope that's fine and that Youngman gets the contract for SAAB.

  • Wow, it really starts here. I've often posted that I always find it questionable to complain about GM and then 9.5 and 9.4 suddenly become dream cars but GM is just dirt. Now you don't need the old GM boxes again ... where is the attitude?!?
    I didn't read a good test about the 9.5 and I was really shocked when the 9.5 with 1.9 liter diesel struck the yard…. and the 2.8 drank like crazy.
    But - I was always ready to compromise on my individuality and love my Saabs. Sometimes I am terribly unreasonable and I certainly don't drive the best car in its class (9.3 Cabrio and SportWagon) with a 5-speed automatic, bucks from the rear axle - what the heck do I like it anyway because it ticks like me.

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    @luloel: I haven't read such nonsense here for a long time! What are you doing now with the 9-5 Limo and especially the Combi bad? So far it was the most modern car that Saab was allowed to build. Everyone in the blog was very enthusiastic about the vehicles…. Dealer tour etc., do you remember that? The fact that the press found the 9-5 great for the first time was also a sign of recognition. The engine question and also the transmission are certainly better solved by German premium manufacturers, but if the Saab suddenly costs 10000 or 15000 € more with this technology, the grumbling starts again. So keep the ball flat, guys. Anyone who complains about the 9-5 Aero 2.8TV6 with XWD has probably only seen the car from a distance in the newspaper, let alone driven it. So many drivers of other makes in parking lots, petrol stations, etc. can't be wrong…., Recognition, amazement, etc. That too!

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      I also find this sudden turning around in the view strange. Maybe you should really start slowly to look at the cars in and of themselves, without any background and thoughts. And even then I think: the Saab 9-5 II, even if not Saab on it, is a beautiful in fabric (s) brought something. The fact that Saab really stands out only makes him prettier and happier, because it once again confirms that terribly interesting things could and could still come from this house.

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        Hello Saab friends.
        Thanks to tx driver, to Saabansbraten and Saab 9-5 II. Let's not let our wannabe Saab drive our cars bad. I'm a mechanic since 1981 Saab and can only say one thing. The new Saab 9-5, no matter which version , is the best car Saab has ever produced. To the 9-4X I can not say anything because this car did not run with us and everyone has the experience. There is no perfect car. I myself already had S-class Mercedes and Jaguar. But even there there were and are weak points and processing defects (lights, indoor
        In addition, Saab has always done well with GM technology.
        Just because GM responds to the licensing so it is incomprehensible to make such a statement on the quality of a 9-5 or 9-4X.
        I personally am proud to have a Saab 9 5 Tid Vector, Bj 2011 and wish it to last a long time.
        So, to all the critics who do not know about good cars and still want to have a say, lives on in your wannabe Saab world but keeps your crap that you wrote the next time for you.

        In the best of hope for Saab.

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    addressed to those here who speak derogatory about the 9-5 II:
    All my life I drive only and exclusively “individual” cars.
    I've been driving various Citroen DS 25 for 21 years, I still have Citroen GSA, Citroen Ami6 Berline, 2CV, I've owned Citroen HY, Visa,CX, XM and until recently the current C6, also Ford Scorpio Cosworth, Ford Capri, I was Car dealership manager at VW with a Phaeton company car, had SAAB 95, still have a 9-3 convertible, a total of more than 70 cars with company cars in 25 years (!!!) but I can't remember ever admiring a vehicle so appreciatively and calling it "beautiful ” was referred to as my current 9-5 II sedan. My satisfaction: 100%. Without alternative except possibly Jaguar XF. The Sportcombi would definitely have been a bestseller.

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    Yes, I have to agree with Xulum 100%. He hits the sticking points! After a test drive in the 9-5 Aero, I was disappointed: chassis (normal version) actually unreasonable, to on-board computer frighteningly thirsty and the automatic transmission (unfortunately only 6 gear) is still far away from German premium class. And that is just the standard! Back in my 9-5 (BJ.98), I felt visibly more comfortable despite the sport suspension.
    But I have hope again that Saab can remember the old strengths. The Chinese could m. M. guarantees that they give the Swedes the necessary freedom to innovate in technology and design. And I am optimistic because it is about access to the europ. Market.

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    Should the Chinese but GM prohibit their scrap to sell to China, understand another language, the crooks from Detroit nicht.Druck solte counterpressure.

    In best hopes for SAAB from SH

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    Hi, I was last week legem garagist here in Switzerland. I can tell you with certainty that the Swiss do not like the new 9-5er. Only the processing inside and because he looks like the insignia.
    I think we wait until the Youngman offer really stands. Then you can build new cars, especially a golf hunter. That would be something?
    I think my 9-5er Vector can handle this until then. The 9-3 also looks very sexy. I just do not want to see a bmw or audi or whatever they're called in front of my front door, not even a volvo.

    Greetings from Switzerland

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    Now something from the dealer's point of view: we have been operating the Saab business since the beginning of the 70iger, but at least have gone through some ups and downs, but such a poorly sold car as the new 9-5 sedan we have not had for a long time. Too long, too pompous, bad service, bad materials inside, especially the plastics, no real diesel engines that match this car (1.9 ltr = ridiculous) etc, etc. How should we make money on such a car, which we need, to maintain distribution. The station wagon would not be much different, a real Insignia stop. The 9-4x is not available with diesel engines and how long it should ever be produced for Europe under Muller, no one could tell us, so nothing for us dealers. In addition, we would have to take these things someday in payment (bad residual values ​​were to be expected). So, apell to any investor, develop your own concepts and platforms as quickly as possible, innovate just as Saab used to be. Dear the 9-3 (or maybe it comes to the old 9-5 he ran back again) spice up the atmosphere, especially the convertible is not bad

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      Thanks, it's always nice to hear an assessment sometimes from a dealer's perspective. Welcome to the blog!

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    I have to agree with Philmos: I can do without the 9-4 and the 9-5 (especially the SportCombi). I have not really hated myself from the stool.
    Away from GM components! I can only support that. The only question is, against what Youngman wants to replace the components and whether you do not now perhaps from a European premium vehicle makes a China Böller? After all, the Chinese will have to economise economically first.

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    It confirms what many have long feared from GM. So now you can confidently say that the guys from GM are real bastards. I hope that the procedure will be raised by someone, so that something will also be noticed outside of the SAAB customers. Capitalism of the worst form! Hopefully the Chinese will get the business going (again)! Until then, my two cars are still doing it ... The story is slowly ripe for Hollywood !!

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    Why did GM even sell Saab “back then” if a short time later the “continued use” of the licenses is completely and “categorically” prohibited?
    This has a very bad aftertaste for me.

    And why are they so afraid of a niche manufacturer like Saab that has been “floundering” for decades?

    Is that permissible without further ado? Do they behave correctly (legally)?
    Could one take action against GM (without that really making sense; I'm just interested in “legal / theoretical”)?

    Hopefully, Saab will continue soon (if necessary, with 1-2 years break, as long as the old Saabine can now hold out here)!

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      Your question is justified: Why does GM sell its daughter and deny the licenses? Even the mentally immobile GM people could finally see that under Spyker (later Swan) it was not thriving and new investors were needed.

      But then closing the door in front of the noses of really solvent prospective buyers actually creates more than a bland aftertaste - this can be classified as extremely damaging to SAAB and all companies involved.

      Actually, those affected (SAAB / Sweden) should take legal action against such behavior - somehow the whole thing is too one-sided and legally registered with most people as extremely questionable.

    • GM just wanted to dispose of Saab silently. That had a tremendous advantage: All warranty obligations that GM had still offered when Saab went bankrupt, as well as processing costs were transferred to Spyker. BMW has already shown the way with Rover ...

      And now: The until recently highly praised GM Saabs 9.4 and 9.5 also considered GM not viable. Who needs these cars in Europe without diesel or with Opel 4 cylinder diesel.

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    how much China Inside is in a Volvo ……………… ??? How much China is in our life already… .. just take a look… .. Apple does not produce in China and there is a mega-hype about the brand's products… don't be afraid of products from China…. I think Youngman knows very well that you cannot score with cheap products in Europe where the quality is second to none.

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      Very good comment! I think so, too, and after seeing the video about Youngman and how he did it, I have even more confidence that it could work.
      40 years ago you didn't have the same fear of the Japanese or Koreans and now - a part of the globalized economy, with all its advantages and disadvantages.
      But what I can guarantee now, regardless of the outcome of the situation NO GM ANYMORE!
      Griffin up!

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    I'm not sorry about the swine GM.
    But about the SAAB 9-5 Sportcombi, by far the most beautiful station wagon ever!
    Just covered up in January with a new 9-5 sedan, but it should only be a transition to a sports combo ...
    From the dream. 🙁
    Just imagine, GM is actually the largest automobile manufacturer worldwide in 2011 with over 9 million output and fears the few thousand SAAB ...
    Should the Western European bidder possibly be the VW group? With 8,2 Mio in 2011 ranked 2 and the statement to be number 1?
    Boo, Wolfsburg is not my thing, but they have money, a lobby and they still lack a niche brand ...
    We'll see it with excitement and never again a GM product ...

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    Well, GM has probably provided a template for a new edition of the Spirit of SAAB instead of letting SAAB drive against the wall in slow motion. David versus Goliath. SAAB certainly collects a lot of sympathy points.

    I keep my fingers crossed that everything goes well for the quality label “100% GM free”! I'm happy to accept "China inside" if you leave the development of the parts to the SAAB-Ings.

  • Dear people! Remember GM free by Youngman is called China inside

    • That remains to be seen whether components “made in China” will actually be installed, or whether it was “only” made possible by Chinese money. But I'm sure you're somehow right ...

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      With today's globalization, every car contains only a fraction of parts manufactured in its own country. Because that is even part of the policy of the large OEMs to dictate to the suppliers where they have to manufacture the parts ...

      Therefore, no matter where some parts come from, the main thing the result comes from Sweden and represents the appropriate quality.

      Ultimately, in my opinion, who / where the parts are developed and that is then mostly in the country of the car brand.

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    I think the GM guys deserve that the Chinese side will kick their throats in China soon!

    What do the Americans think about who they are?

    I prefer not to make my opinion about it public….

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    According to recent reports from Saabsunited, Youngman's bid is supposed to have arrived today 🙂

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    Well then for a new beginning. That's where the corks pop and I'm going to go shopping for my 5 Saab and my second CS, a beautiful black and then a third, and the collection is perfect.

    And I hope to be able to browse new brochures soon.

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    I think GM should request a name change to GN - General NOtors. Generally notorious too.

    HCrumb couldn't be so wrong - the example of Opel has shown that GM does not shy away from negotiating for months, getting a deal close to closing, and then tearing up the finished contract, so to speak, because you calculates opportunities again.

    But whether with or without GM licenses, I tend to think that GM will try to put political pressure on a new SAAB (new owner) company. The US market has always been SAAB's largest single market (or at least one of the largest), and GM can still let go of some nastiness (punitive tariffs for Swedish import cars, etc.).

    But let's wait and see ... we've already had practice in that.

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    I have nothing to add to previous speakers and keep our fingers crossed for everyone. Let's hope for a good bidding contest !! On the subject of GM, I had already expressed my opinion. To everyone a nice weekend.
    PS: Tom, please keep us up to date !!!

  • Personally, I don't really care that Detroit says “No”, I think it's even better. It is dubious and shameful that they did not do this a few months ago !!! I cannot and do not want to understand such a thing. For SAAB as a brand, if it really comes down to a purchase, it is certainly better. The first repeat buyers will surely be the sworn fans everywhere on our planet, who will then also buy a 9-3 and wait another 4 years for something new. And these fans will do this much more motivated if they can put a “GM free” sticker on the back - I mean “GM free produced” sticker; when SAAB gets out of Detroit without licenses. Let's hope it will come that way - especially for all those who don't have the luxury problem “what kind of car should I drive?”, But whose existence depends on it. And there are just a few ... in Sweden as well as on our doorstep.

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    Then Youngman should do so, build the 9-3 II Griffin and develop new models. I think that the fans buy the car anyway, there are worse things than this car. You could do without 9-4X and 9-5. I also found the 9-5 for a Saab too massive and too clunky, too inelegant, but that's my opinion. I see a real chance for Youngman, I would also be happy if it finally works. Because the effort the Chinese are putting up with GM is quite a bit different.

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      to Philmos:

      I agree with them on all points.

      And finally a GM free future.

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        I had to change tires yesterday. The tire dealer was nice
        and wanted to buy me new wheel nuts. It was GM,
        I quickly refused. On my 9-5 he deratige parts come
        - if possible - no more.

  • Hello Tom
    That’s good news for a GM-free future ... now it would only be desirable that the museum is preserved!

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    As already written elsewhere, here is possible explanation number 4:

    Could it be that in the end you want to buy yourself a company that is halfway debt-free and, above all, shrunken by insolvency? Precise: the brand with perspective production wherever?

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