From the difficulties of buying a Saab and Saab research

It is quiet in Sweden. Presumably it will remain quiet for a few days until the official bidding on Saab is opened. The result of the auction of the Saab Museum is also coming soon. The bankruptcy trustees announced on Saturday a time frame of two to three weeks, then the bidder race will be opened. If we realize that the trial is going on until April, then we can be sure that this time frame will be savored in peace and quiet.

The Swedes seem to be a bit slower in these things than we are used to in Germany. Manroland, a major but almost simultaneous bankruptcy proceeding, is making good progress. So, as always, patience!

You also have to be patient if you want to buy a new or almost new Saab. The offer is manageable at first glance, at second glance it becomes very narrow. Apparently interesting offers turn out to be fakes and the provider wants to order the Saab from his wholesaler first. Who of course does not have the Saab on offer, but has good contacts to Sweden ... Questionable and somehow reassuring. Because apparently the Saab bankruptcy has not yet spread to the last corners of the republic.

Not only did I feel the same way. Even friend Mark has meanwhile landed in his Saab search in other European countries and will probably import from there an almost new Saab.

So it did not work for me, with the dream of brand new Sweden. But with a bit of luck, you can find something delicious, turbocharged from previous ownership and during the week a new, used Saab with low mileage moves in with us. What it is, is not revealed, but the part is hot!

Slowly it becomes full in the fleet, because four Saab are one too many and probably our 9-5 sports suit must go. Who cared for a checkbook Saab 9-5 Deer Biopower from Bloggervorbesitz with few miles searches, who can write me an email ;-)

It is clear that the press on the subject of Saab is doing bad research. We have experienced it again and again in the last few months. Currently the Handelsblatt has a short article about the China Saabs written, giving the impression that the current Saab 9-5 would live on in China. The mirror is no better either. While Saabsunited's editors read what is a good thing, they missed Guy Lofalk's departure. Because according to Spiegel, he still sees the most lucrative offers for the Saab Museum.

The time until the crucial news from Sweden will not be boring. Tomorrow comes a detailed report on the Saab 9-5 sports car, then a driving report from Mark to the Saab 9-4x and 9-5, and finally we unravel Saab secrets about the 2012 model year. Keep going !


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    Hello Wolfhard,
    I do not want to offend you and do not know the km state and real state of your Saab, which is looking for a new home, either.
    But if you look at the prices at ALD o. look, then you get for 1-2 thousand euros more the current model. Why should you then invest in the old model?
    I am also looking for a longer 9 3, not new, but a 2008er diesel station wagon with few km.
    Unfortunately, a lot of “scrap” is offered on the www. Accident vehicles or inexplicable conditions, for example, are not a buyer's dream.

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    Wish you the return tomorrow:
    dry roads (no snow or rain), no traffic jams and lots of fun
    with the new “Dolce” 🙂

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    Actually, this topic, as I said above, does not belong here; However, it is always read, it would be no Saab to buy. Is it always just about new cars?
    I've been trying to sell a Saab 3-4 9 Cabrio Bj. 3 with deer tuning in nocturno blue with automatic transmission for 1.8/2005 year, because I bought the 2006 9-3 Aero Anniversary with 6-cylinder Holden engine in electric blue. I just can't do it. I myself had bought the car in Hamburg from a dealer including deer tuning for around 19.000 in May 2009 and will not even get it for 13.500,00 now (I am a 2t owner). The car is in perfect order! It is at a Saab dealer iR Braunschweig, so not hidden, has offered it in mobile and also in a Saab forum and tried to auction it on Ebay; Result = zero or offers at the level of “greed is cool”. Am I doing something wrong or am I demanding too high a resale value? It has never taken me so long to sell a car: - (((

    Maybe someone can help me here !?



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    The company Lafrentz in Kiel is a very good address.

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    oh thanks for the quick help !!!

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    No, the rear apron is reserved for the Aero (diesel and gasoline). Unless she has been retrofitted.

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    Hi, well, finally something from life. Search for my wife a 9-3 estate diesel up to ca.50.000km. After someone has bought away one in Berlin on Saturday in the nose I'm looking for one.
    A not really reputable dealer from the Frankfurt area currently offers one on ebay and various www-sides. Can anyone tell me if it is correct that the Saab 9-3 station wagon, 150P.S. Diesel has the rear bumper with double exhaust cutouts. Did not look original, but should be accident-free?

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    Theme SAAB new cars:
    Unfortunately, my 9-5 II Sportcombi TTID XWD Aero, which was ordered last summer, is not available, but it should definitely be a SAAB, so I decided to buy a new 9-5 II sedan.
    At I checked several times a day. Then came an offer from Autohaus Geers in Hüven on the Internet: An 9-5 II 2,0T Automatic Linear in Jetblack with some extras without first registration, located near Brussels.
    Legendary 37% under list original price! After 2-3 phone calls everything was discussed, the SAAB 9-5 II bought, 3 days later by Geers in Brussels and brought me with all the papers and only for extra charge 200, - EURO (!!!) on your doorstep.
    Sparkling clean and as described - highly recommended and not a bit dubious.
    The missing guarantee I have replaced by a used car guarantee at the German Assistance for 27, - EURO a month.
    Everyone who has seen the SAAB 9-5 II so far is thrilled and the few idiots who let go of spells like: Well, bankruptcy bargain? are definitely just jealous of this grandiose car!
    I am 100% satisfied with all of the car-related decisions made in recent weeks ...
    Tip: Imitation!
    In my narrow selection were still some great offers, where I can not understand that they are still offered on the Internet and have not yet found a buyer!

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      Hi Klaus,
      Congratulations on your decision and the purchase.
      You will not regret that.

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    Hi Tom,

    if someone is looking for a Saab 9-3 AERO Kombi, 2.0 TTID automatic with you, he's right with me. EZ May 2011 (MY 2011, EURO5)), approx. 9.000 km, accident-free, business package 150W, XENON cornering light, comfort package, vision package, beige leather (AERO). Vehicle is used every day. TOP condition, 1st hand. Only Euro 29.900,00 (new price 48.785,00) including M&S wheels (16 inches on steel rims with covers) driven approx. 2.000km. However, I cannot show VAT. Would if necessary. Exchange a 9-3 convertible, 1.8t or 2.0t gasoline-powered Vector, from 2007/2008 up to 40.000km for a value compensation.
    I know you are not a vehicle market, but asking is free.

    Greetings from Göttingen


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