Saab Sixten Concept by Gray Design

Saab is a rough diamond. Even in the current situation, the Swedish carmaker is worth hundreds of millions of euros to investors. Because Saab is Sweden, Scandinavian design, Turbo and Saab is just a cult. What would be possible for a small, sporty Saab, Gray Design shows us.

Saab 92010 Sixten Concept by Gray Design
Saab 92010 Sixten Concept by Gray Design

As a tribute to the unforgettable Saab designer Sixten Sason and the original Saab, the study 92010 was born. The study, in the best Saab tradition awakens the fantasies for a sporty, compact Saab. Even with the purchase of Saab by Spyker presented a supercar study.

Saab is not dead, so we deliberately contradict today's headlines, created by a more than unfortunate comparison of the bankruptcy trustee. Bad press sells well, we learned that. But we know that the fight for Saab continues behind the scenes.

Saab is the last premium brand that is comparable to a rough diamond. Other premium brands have long overstretched design language and brand essence and are getting the receipt for it. Just like the former number 1 among traditional brands. From Stuttgart, from A to S, they thought they could cover everything with one brand. The receipt and erosion of the brand came slowly and slowly. Today Daimler, fully deserved, is in third place behind BMW and Audi.

Saab, on the other hand, is almost untouched, because Saab Design has a long continuity with very long durability. Saabs are timeless and that makes the brand so interesting for investors.

Saab is a huge opportunity for those who want to invest and who have a long breath. The design study shows what could happen. Investors, hear the signals!


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    Far too alien DNA.
    This is a car that does not look bad but never a Saab, no matter how friendly he smiles.

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    Hello Tom.

    Is GM actually being punished for breach of contract by any court or agency, or is that simply being tolerated?

    Many greetings, Klaus

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    The lines of this gray design are somehow too soft - something crisper would actually be more typical for SAAB.

    What is there to say in terms of commandments for SAAB? Time is running out (or, according to Wilhelm Busch: In Sauseschritt) and this point should indeed be in the first place because of its importance.

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    Hi Tom,
    So I am of the same opinion as you ... unique, premium, exclusive and all that stuff ... but that's exactly what this KIA-Hyundai blend does!
    Sorry ... the previous speakers think it's cool and order now ... but for me it has nothing to do with Scandinavian design ...
    What a real one for me !!! SAAB would be ... see 9X Air ... just beautiful that thing ...
    Simple, powerful, just awesome ... and Audi and two others have already figured out many things in their new studies ... think the R8 Roadster ... or something ... was once in the press ...

    "Saabs are timeless and that is what makes the brand so interesting for investors"

    Hope it is understood that way ... and not like Volvo ... they just look like mass ...

    So 900 retro ... or a 9000 in a new form ... 🙂

    PS: I don't quite understand how Daimler came third behind BMW and Mercedes? 😉 or do you mean Audi, BMW and then MB? 🙂 I forgive you for that! Or I don't understand ... it's not my brand either! 🙂

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      I have a similar view. Gray's studies take up typical SAAB elements, but I don't think that's enough (you can see them in the other views on the Gray HP). I miss the big line that defines a SAAB.

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      Yes, there are days I do not understand myself

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    I buy, promise !!!

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    Would be worthwhile for me immediately a more detailed consideration

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    The study is not so bad, right?
    At least at first glance, I find it somehow more “pleasing” / “rounder” than the Phoenix design by Castriota, for example.
    (Somehow I can't really get used to these “wings” and “spoilers” of Castriota's drafts ... of course I've only ever seen the drafts on “paper” and I'm happy to teach me better)

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    … COOOOL!

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