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Today, there is a lot to say about Saab. Since I have a job that requires time and commitment, I try to summarize the situation in a compact way and start with the positive messages for the brand. As we know, Kent Hägglung has been appointed as the third administrator for our brand, his specialty is trademark law.

Hägglung is now trying to pave the way for a complete sale of Saab to an investor. Not an easy way, because for this he needs the approval of both Saab AB and Scania. The sounding is underway, and Hans-Ake Danielsson, Scania's press officer, said a nice sentence about it, which I really like. “Man ville inte att den fina symbols skulle hamna i orätta händer…“, with which he wants to say that he wants to prevent our design icon from falling into the wrong hands.

Not so good for the Saab Museum. The sum of the individual bids should be higher than the complete offer of the municipality Trollhättan. A development that was predictable, but which is still very regrettable. Clarity comes in the course of the week and then we will see where the collection goes. German friends with Saab background have bid on part of the collection. However, not for personal reasons, but as an aid to the brand and to secure the heritage for the community.

Even from China come Saab messages, which, however, have something speculative. BAIC, the owner of the old Saab 9-5 and 9-3 platform, wants to acquire the Saab e-power technology. This reports today Dagens Industri. According to information from Saab insiders, the e-power Saab should be ready for series production and would probably have rolled off the belts in model year 2012. Whether the message is correct, is questionable. BAIC itself has been running prototypes with electric drive on Saab basis for one year in trial. The BAIC types themselves are expected to be ready for series production.

Other rumors, also unconfirmed, come independently from different sources and affect the area of ​​Saab Parts AB. It should be sold to an investor in the next few weeks. A scenario that I can not imagine, because the spare parts subsidiary should be sold in a complete package. There are no confirmations from Saab, and since such rumors are spread quickly in the press, now comes a clear denial.

There is sad news for Saab in the USA. Saab North America is to be liquidated, which is not a happy ending for Tim Colbeck and his team. Since the 13. January, most of the employees are terminated, the remaining staff Stamm handles the business. In the background are activities to secure the supply of the American Saab drivers with spare parts also in the future. Tim Colbeck resisted the downfall and did a lot for Saab. He certainly has our respect.

The news is mixed. The activities are running for a full sale and the Saab AB and Scania are open to suggestions. Nothing works without their consent. We always, we wait, hope for good news. We have been practicing this for months.


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  • For me it is rather positive that SAAB AB and Scania watch over the brand and logo. If there is a deal, then one can assume that the reputation of the SAAB brand is secured with the concept presented by the investor, because if the SAAB Automobile product gets a bad reputation, it could also rub off on Scania and SAAB AB.

  • Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I will not shake the feeling behind the nameless Western European VW stuck. From Mr Piech there were already statements to the effect that Saab would fit well into the VW Group. And if you think for a while, he is right. At VW is Bugatti to Skoda really something for everyone. From the positioning ago, however, Audi would be the counterpart to Saab in the VW Group. Now you could still come up with the idea to expand the range a bit, and to provide the mainstream Audi with a more induvidialistic and extravagant Saab. Therefore, one could see the statement of Scania one wants to see that Saab comes into good hands also so that the best hands would probably be your own. Maybe this is one of the reasons why you want to keep covered here, since you yourself a little involved in this way in a decision on the future of Saab. But as I said at the beginning I can be completely wrong. If I am completely wrong, maybe Tom can give me a hint if I'm really totally on the wrong track here. (if it is feasible for you and you do not get in trouble Tom)

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      I have to agree with Peter - I see it pretty similarly!
      As a conceivable variant: Porsche can run in the THN Boxster off the line and the future Saab is placed on the same platform.
      That would be something, right?

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    Do I understand that correctly, SCANIA owns the trademark rights to SAAB and thus has the last decision who may use the SAAB label in the future?

    SCANIA belongs to 70% of the Volkswagen Group, the rest belongs to MAN. German Labeling?
    Is that reassuring or most disturbing?

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      Even the shareholders of the VW group would have to explain their decisions a little - with a group like Mahindra & Mahindra (with extremely deep pockets and otherwise very well suited in my opinion) a rejection without sound arguments is hardly possible.

      That would already be a similar behavior as with GM (such a fear of competition should not be present at VW, however).

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      No, the trademark rights are owned by Saab AB.
      The griffin in the logo is the symbol of Scania.

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    It would be very interesting to find out which investor would have the famous right hand in Scania's eyes ...

    How does Scania see Turkish investors, for example?

    If they have bad maps at Scania, you would not need to go to GM for help (example: licensing).

    In my opinion, Scania and SAAB AB should clearly state from the start who is acceptable and who is not - unnecessary processing by the trio of administrators with waste of time and money could be nipped in the bud!

    Greetings from Hamburg

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