Wallenberg Foundation and Kommune save Saab Museum

The Saab Museum stays in Trollhättan! The municipality, the Wallenberg Foundation and the Saab AB together have saved the museum. For 28 millions of crowns, about 3 million € remains the Museum of Sweden, the city and of course the fans. That's good news, and the visit to the museum in summer is scheduled!

The Trollhättan commune contributed 14 millions, the armaments company Saab AB about 8 millions, the rest came from the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation. Thus, the Wallenbergs, one of the most important families in Sweden, stand for the past, which is closely linked to the Saab automobile industry. About the Investor AB For a long time the family determined the fate of Saab. Nice that individuals and companies jump in where politics fails!

Paul Akerlund, the mayor of the municipality, was visibly relieved today. Because the museum is also an important attraction for tourism in the region.

The museum is preserved and it stays completely together. At least on this point we have a happy ending!

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28 thoughts on "Wallenberg Foundation and Kommune save Saab Museum"

  • This news makes me very happy *. *

  • Very, very nice ... and the griffin stays on my Saabine ... 😉

  • Wonderful !!!

    Now at Easter I can show my sister the museum (hopefully it will be open again) and Trollhättan (especially the beautiful surroundings).
    Above all, I can still drive with my Saab, which I unfortunately have to replace in the near future.

    Best regards, Cetak

  • Terrific, what did I hope
    that my visit last May
    not the last visit forever

    There is already a small stone
    from the heart. Now it can
    continue to go with the positive
    News from Trollhattan!

  • hie,
    old Swede, a sign. A sign? A sign!!!!!!!
    Greetings from Koblenz.

  • it works ... why not like this!

    The past is secured, now it's the turn of the future ... hopefully!

  • Joy prevails!

  • Jipppiiiih!

    A great signal for the investors!

    Griffin up!

  • ….Now everything will be ok….

  • JOY !

  • Is GM actually being punished for breach of contract by any court or agency, or is that simply being tolerated?
    Can someone answer that, please?

    Many greetings, Klaus

  • At least the museum will be preserved, even if everything should go down the drain!

  • PS: Has anyone actually noticed that the weekend of the Saab meetings were the only two days when there was sunshine and dry weather? At least here it was ...

  • Great! YEAH !!!

  • that is finally good news from Sweden and also a compliment to all involved. The bankruptcy trustee could have decided differently and more money
    can beat out. Or does he already have a positive end (restart) in the
    Hindquarters ??

  • I am very relieved, a stone is falling from my heart! I'm definitely here. Shit on summer vacation in Provence, off to Trollhättan !!!

    But honestly, 28 million crowns ?? That's the joke! That would be worth the AeroX alone

  • .. just schöööööön, 2000 was the
    last time there, a visit is now again
    firmly planned. Maybe "one" meets.
    Thanks a lot to the SAVIORS !!!!!
    from Thuringia

    • Where from Thuringia, if you may ask ... ???

      • from Schleiz

        • Okay, then greetings from Jena :-))!

          • And from Erfurt. I just thought before, that's not at all, that with the Tree Kroners wants to find no one, this cream piece, this piece of Swedish identity, this historic companion of an extravagant, in former times (before GM), style-defining car brand before Verscherbeln rescues. Thank you. Maybe a signal for other activities.

  • Finally positive about SAAB!

  • That's a positive news! Nice!!!

  • Well that's good news, I'm looking forward to the next visit



  • Great News! Griffin Up !!!!

  • Suuuper !!! 🙂

  • Hooray!!!!
    (... and thanks to the old partners!)

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