Black is back: The blogger's new toy - Saab Turbo X

Hmmm, I admit it. The last 400 kilometers were very entertaining, because a Saab Turbo X is the perfect toy for us big boys. Especially when finally some northern sections of A3 are now three-lane and without speed limit. 🙂

Black is back: Tom's Saab Turbo X
Black is back: Tom's Saab Turbo X

I do not lose much words about this hot Sweden today. For one thing, I still do not have enough of the Turbo X after my trip on the highway, on the other hand, there is still the family that I now pack in the four-wheel drive. Some have guessed that something is coming in this direction. And, yes, Jens, it's true, the sound is awesome.

Tomorrow there will be more about Saab and everything that is going on. I have the rest of the day off for today ...

In this sense. Keep on saabing and take care!


23 thoughts on "Black is back: The blogger's new toy - Saab Turbo X"

  • I wish you the same fun I've had with my limousine for 5 months ...

  • So if your income tax card doesn't say “SAAB” in religion, then I don't know anymore either! 😉
    Have fun with it!

  • wow ...
    Congratulations! A dream car ...

    Many HTKM with it ...

  • Congratulation! Great car ... This is where the mail goes ...

  • Unfortunately not available as a cab

    Good ride!!

  • Great ... my dream car! Although I'm already super satisfied and happy with our SC 9-3 and 1,9 TiD ... but how it is only with such a “super” SAAB ...

    Have fun!

    PS .: With the hope that many more such beautiful cars will be developed and built!

  • Wow. Congratulations!

  • a chic saab for the mountains! …… .and winter, summer, the flatlands, ……….

    have fun with it!

  • Congratulations on the new Saab!

  • Great car:-)

    Congratulations Tom :-)

  • Very chic part ... down the window, radio off and gas, gas off, gas, gas off ... and also to the delight of passers-by ... 😉

  • ohhhhhhhhh congratulations-looks really great….

  • Also Hamburg wishes a lot of fun with the turbo X.

    The older design of the Sport Combi 9-5 I was still equal - but with the 9-5 I-series there was not known yet all-wheel drive.


  • What a crazy guy. If SAAB should continue, they must be committed. Congratulations to the Turbo X, awesome part!

  • A dreamabout and on my wish list at the top! Brilliant !

  • Congratulations! Looks really beautiful!

  • ... .. yes, yes, yes, rarities should be collected! A TOP SAAB !!!!!!! Almost makes you a little jealous.

    Always GOOD RIDE!

  • … Enjoy!

  • You're a really cool sausage! Best wishes and have a good trip!

  • sooooooooooooooooooooo Geil :), Congratulations on the new

  • The typical Saab TurboX rims are probably for the summer 😉 hmm where is the Facebook link “I like” 🙂

    Have fun Tom, a good decision with the TurboX



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