Blogger Tom is on the move….

… .Near Munich direction Würzburg / Frankfurt… ..quite quickly (I'm afraid) and audible (tztztzzzz).

It will be exciting ... what will he bring home (color: black / manufacturer ... .. should be known) ???

Anyone who catches him in a photo (radar photos are rejected) ... please send ... ... will be published 🙂

LG Stine

7 thoughts on "Blogger Tom is on the move…."

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    Tom should really step on the gas ... I need my daily car reading as urgently as the morning espresso! 😉 😉

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    901 cv ...

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    My tip: Turbo X
    Loud and black eater, I speak from experience, especially when he is like my pricked ?!

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        I can only recommend it. Performance is clearly noticeable. In addition, the sound is a bit sharper. 😉 Consumption goes down slightly. But that's not a decisive reason for the Turbo X. 😉

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          Consumption what is it?

          Okey, I have to look at this option, if I remember right you can test the chip tuning, I have to do well 😉 window and gas, preferably in the tunnel 🙂

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