Brightwell offer in the next few days - Saab EIB loan

Zamier Ahmed turned to the press again today. What he had to say sounds interesting! Brightwell Holding will make an offer in the coming days, maybe over the next week. He is on schedule for the trustee trio, which expects the offers of investors in the next 14 days.

The interesting thing about the interview given by Zamier Ahmed Dagens Industri are the following statements:

"We are talking to GM and we are talking to a"seniora personer i toppen pa GM" "he said. By that he means someone at the very top who has something to say. Because Zamier Ahmed is confident that the GM licenses will be released so that production can start within a few weeks. Since I rate Zamier Ahmed as serious, this statement is very interesting. But it gets even better !

I don't want to talk about a plan B, it evokes negative memories. But Zamier Ahmed has “because you can build cars without GM”. According to him, Brightwell Holding has its own platform. He says to rule out misunderstandings and translation errors ”egenutvecklad platform". So developed in-house, owned by Brightwell, not the Saab PhöeniX platform.

That makes it interesting and speculative. That Brightwell is involved in a manufacturer of electric vehicles, we know. That Brightwell has to do with the Turkish Fiat works is also known. The rumor that parts of the facilities in Trollhättan are to be dismantled, as reported by the Italian media, and that new production lines are said to be in Turkey, is unconfirmed. By contrast, Brightwell's subsidiaries have worked for other automakers in the past.

The question for Friday: Is possibly Fiat in the Brightwell boat? It is a question, not more, not less. Our nameless investor, whom I always write about and whose delegation has visited Trollhättan several times, is definitely not from Italy.

On the other hand, there is an eerie calm with Youngman. Nothing is heard from our friends from the Middle Kingdom. Why ? Do you row back or do you wait for other bidders to come out of cover?

Yes, and Swedish taxpayers have had to put money on the table now. But only for the time being. The Swedish Reich Debt Administration has replaced Saab EIB Kredit with 2.2 billion crowns. As security, the Swedish state has Saab Parts AB and Saab Tools AB. Their value should be considerably higher.

The replacement of the loan is a real step. For now the Luxembourg bank is finally gone, the Swedes can decide faster about the Saab sale. After all, the Reich debt administration prefers a complete sale of Saab and decides in case of doubt for Sweden and for Swedish jobs, I hope.

Oh yes, Zamier Ahmed returns to the plane at the weekend. Destination: Detroit, Michigan. 🙂

What else happens behind the scenes in the next article ...

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  • That would make perfect sense from a VW point of view, you already own Scania, the logo with the griffin is already in their possession, so to speak. You also need new works ...

  • Yes, but then we have more prospects than four? Magna, Youngman, Mahindra, Brigtwell and the unknown fourth? Or is Magna already out that there are only four?

    PSA has massive problems, see FTD reports, PSA simply has no upper-class offer and no market presence in the US and Asia. It is speculated about an alliance PSA and Fiat, what if the da Saab just take along as galley-worthy upper-class car?

    Seriously, the GM engines are from the alliance with Fiat, so in truth there are Fiat engines in the Saabs, at least the diesels ... In the 80s there was also the famous cooperation with Croma, Thema, 164 and 9000 ...

  • The most important thing is the survival of SAAB, that's a fact. Personally, I prefer a solution without GM, because the behavior that the Detroiters show is not fish and not meat. After all, there are also a few thousand individual fates attached to SAAB, none of which are spoken of by you (at least very few). And those who know the country and the people in Sweden know that “the family” is more important in this beautiful country in the north than here in Germany.
    GM - let's summarize:
    A few days ago they didn't care about anything, licenses are not negotiated - with no one! A few weeks ago they wrote that GM would sign contracts and then not stick to them! VM, it may have had good and bad sides, ultimately failed because of Detroit.
    VW - that would certainly be an interesting game too. On this point I agree with Klaus 9-5 II, they build many and beautiful cars, but they don't have a product for individualists. I think that would be a good addition and the synergy effects would also be there. BMW - well, they also want to grow and already had a contract with VM. Maybe the Bavarians want to buy some market share in the north? In any case, the Bavarian brand is popular in the north and the Swedes were also here in Bavaria for a while. Seen in this way, a nice “story” too!

  • Hello!
    I think I wrote this here a few weeks ago ...
    Is it unthinkable that the great unknown is the Luxembourg investor and owner of the Renault Lotus F1 team, Gérard Lopez ???
    He likes to stay in the background and was very interested in SAAB 2 years ago, at that time together with Bernie Ecclestone….
    Why should not he be there anymore ????

    Best regards from Luxembourg

  • Technically, I think GM was not the worst match Saab got involved with. But the fact is that Saab suffered damage to its image (however big) and disappointed many customers. I think the goal must be to orient the company independently and on its own responsibility. With the highest concentration on the quality and demands the buyers expect / ehem. Buyers would have expected. You have to increase the performance now, and do not let it fall further. Because at some point you have to ask yourself, what is Saab at all Saab? Or, what is still Swedish about Saab?

  • Hello Klaus 9-5 II

    What do you think of Red Bull-Didi Mateschitz as a bidder?

  • To bidder of the car industry, I think of PSA or eventl. also at VW.
    Perhaps the unknown is also from a completely different industry direction.

    LG - Klaus

  • @ Philmos
    Yes, I start from the Volkswagen Group. This secrecy fits the Wolfsburg strategists and machinations.
    In order to make the way to the top of the world, there is still no global company with a functioning sales network like that of SAAB.
    In addition, VW has a car for everyone, but also for the individualists?
    Not yet….

  • Magna is already public, so it can not be the unknown bidder. FIAT either, they may cooperate with Brightwell. Maybe we all think in the wrong direction?

  • I think the fourth bidder is Magna. Opposing opinions?

  • Agree to 100 percent of your opinion. Because GM has once brought Saab to the gallows.
    Who knows what the possible future with GM involvement still bring anything negative

    Let's wish the best for Saab and hope for a conclusion without GM with its deadly influence.

    LG - Klaus

  • The last half-sentence of your comment (we should welcome any solution that holds a future for SAAB in store) is clear - what comes after, but not!

    GM has proved to be an inappropriate partner and you should really leave this group out. They can do enough stupid things with Opel.

    I think most Saab owners see it that way, and renewed partnership efforts are just wasted time on GM!


  • Do we have a luxury problem here?

    Weeks ago we all bore grief, the chances of survival for SAAB as a whole were, realistically, zero.

    Today we have at least 2 serious bidders (Youngman and Brightwell) who want to receive SAAB in its entirety as an automobile manufacturer with headquarters and production in Trollhättan. Not to mention Mahindra & Mahindra and the great fourth unknown.

    If you think back 4 weeks, these prospects were not to be expected. We should welcome any solution that has a future in store for SAAB - whether with GM or without GM is really secondary.

  • The disadvantages are clear, GM would be back. On the other hand, but only about the two new models, from the next generation with the Saab 9-3 on a new platform but again GM-free.
    I think that working on a supplement for Brightwell will also promptly work on successors, so just to bridge the time with a broad range of models.
    The cars are really not bad, as has been said many times (and also in the article before).

  • The Chinese celebrated “Spring festival” or “Chinese New Year” and it will
    more consistently celebrated as Christmas with us, perhaps one heard so little about it
    China? +

  • It will be exciting! According to Ttela, Youngman comes to Sweden on Monday, including the company's founder, and will place a bid in the “necessary” amount.

  • Personally, I can't get anything positive from this news. GM would have its foot in the door again and enormous economic influence over Saab. That would have worked for Detroit and one could begin again to make up for losses incurred through bankruptcy. And self-developed platform ??? Are you kidding me? Then we don't really need Swedish engineers anymore, they can go to Gothenburg. Sorry, but I can make friends with the Chinese intentions.
    But I still have the hope that our “nameless” investor will jump out of the sink with a bang 😉

  • To be honest, I have been in recent months

    ashamed that my country is home to such a “cutthroat” bank

  • That's right, the EIB is an institution of the European Union. And in the Saab community, Luxembourgers are always welcome. Because for the EIB, Luxembourg really nothing.

  • Hello Tom
    A small note: the EIB is not a Luxembourg bank, it is only based here ...
    Not that the whole Saab community also wishes us Luxembourgers to hell ... 🙂

  • Right, I think that too Brightwell should not do more. Dear independent and without GM!

  • I am assuming that when a license is granted to Brightwell, GM will add a “rat tail” of requirements - example: sales of vehicles only in Europe (similar to Opel).

    Then of course the question arises whether it would not be more advantageous in the long term to get away from GM completely - maybe Brightwell should start with Plan B right away ...

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